At the heart of CRPM’s work is its dedicated team of professionals, who possess a diverse range of skills and expertise in fields such as economics, sociology, political science, and law.

Comprised of experienced researchers, policy analysts, project managers, and communication experts, the CRPM team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the organization’s work. With a commitment to evidence-based research and analysis, the team works collaboratively to develop innovative solutions to some of the most pressing social, economic, and political challenges facing North Macedonia and the wider region.

Whether conducting research on topics such as public administration, energy policy, or social inequality, or engaging with policymakers and civil society organizations to promote evidence-based policy reforms, the CRPM team is dedicated to advancing its mission of promoting democratic governance and social justice in North Macedonia and beyond.

Meet Our Team

Marija Risteska

Executive Directress

Kristijan Aleksoski

Finance Manager

Aleksandar Cekov

Program Coordinator

Kristijan Trajkovski

Program Coordinator

Biljana Matevska

Program Coordinator

Maja Varoshlija

Program Coordinator

Nikolina Janeva

Communication Officer

Ljupka Trajanovska

Project Coordinator

Stefanija Zmijanac

Project Coordinator

Bojana Krstevska

Grants Officer

Ivana Petriskov√°

Grants and Learning Officer

Emilija Bumbaroska

Finance Officer

Zarko Cvetkovski

Finance Assistant

Barije Durmish

Program Assistant

Diellza Sula

Project Officer