School Generations

Generation 2010/2011


Lulzim Selami

Education: MA Political Science

Assistant at FON University in Skopje


Toshe Zafirov

Education: MA  Political Science

Deputy Secretary General at the President’s Office (president Stevo Pendarovski). Former Program Director and Project coordinator in the “Progress” Institute


Lindita Redjepi

Education: MA  International Relations and Conflict Managements

Program Manager at American Peace Corps


Oliver Stanoeski

Mr. Oliver Stanoeski has a PhD from the University “Ss.Cyril and Methodius” – Skopje, Faculty of Philosophy, Institute for security, defense and peace studies. He works at the Ministry of Internal Affairs and was involved in the RECOM initiative as a local advocate. 

| Resume | CV |


Lindita Shakiri Atanasova

Education: Engineer of Metallurgy;

MA International Relations and Diplomacy

Technical Director of the PE ‘’Vodovod I Kanalizacija’’ Skopje (PE
‘’Water supply and sewerage’’ Skopje),

Natasa Donevska

Education: PhD in Environmental and Climate Policy, MA  International Cooperation and Development; Master at Human resource management

Technische Universität München |· School of Governance – Chair for Environmental and Climate Change Policy

Diogen Hadzi-Kosta Milevski

Education: Ph.D.  Public Administration

Assistant at Faculty of Information and Communication Technologies (FICT)


Darko Pavlovski

Education: Master of Public International Law

National Legal Officer at Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), Mission to Skopje


Nenad Zlatanovikj

Education: Internal medicine specialist- subspecialist- cardiologist, Master in Medical Science

Manager/Specialist in internal medicine-subspecialist in Cardiology


Kaltrina Zekoli Shaqiri

Education: PhD

Associate Professor at University of Mother Teresa, Skopje





Burim Latifi

Education: Master of Corporate Finances and Banking

Adviser to the Mayor of the Municipality of Chair, Macedonian Adviser at the Department of Finance and Administration, Air Navigation M-NAV, former Adviser of the Minister of Economy


Dragana Bukilica

Education: Master’s degree in International Marketing Management

Expert Advisor for planning and analysis, human resources and PR at the Clinical Center in Skopje and PR of the National Economic Chamber of Toursim


Katerina Todorovska-Hummler

Education: Universität Hamburg / University of Hamburg
MA in European Studies

Legal Assistant at European Patent Office, former Lawyer at the Registry of the European Court of Human Rights



Stevo Bajdeski

Education: Master of  Peace and Development

Head of Finance
Kaktus Group Doo, Bee Creative Solutions

Afrim Bakiu

Education: Philologist

English language teacher



Tome Gusev

Education: MA  Applied Politics

Advisor on Legislative and Political Education, Parliamentary Institute


Gorazd Milosovski

Education: Graduate of Political Studies

Director Of Operations Force Transportation INC


Biljana Avramovska

Education: Master of International and European Security

Councilor in the Ministry of Defense


Betijan Kitev

Education: Master of Political Science

MP, Social Democratic Union of Macedonia, Councilor in the Municipality of

Marija Tegovska

Education: MA  International Relations

PR adviser at Ministry of Information Society and Administration, former Political Analyst and Journalist
CIVIL- Center for Freedom



Comments by Participants


“The experience with the School of Public Policy is a   special pleasure and spiritual enrichment because it gives opportunity to   have open and constructive debates on different topics in the society and   also, to meet and socialize with people from the intellectual elite in the   country and beyond”

Darko Pavlovski (Lawyer to the European Court   of Human rights in Strasbourg, France) 


“School of Public Policy Mother Teresa is a great   networking opportunity for civic activists of all generations in Macedonia by creating a forum to exchange ideas and opinions about current, past and  future challenges of our society. This school is a rare opportunity for   consideration of the domestic social problems in an international context, and the opening scene of the international issues that have an impact on  domestic social trends “

Katerina Todorovska ( MA European Studies at the University of Hamburg, Germany)


“Unforgettable experience accompanied by moments of   professionalism and friendship with a group of promising young people, future   leaders in their fields. Professional debates, acquired new skills in the   process of reproduction public policies, and mutual exchange of views on given issues, is a solid foundation upon which this school is building its future and promote the future of its participants. “

Oliver Stanoeski (Ph.D. and an associate of the Institute for Security, Defence and Peace at the Faculty of Philosophy) 


“Participation in the School of Public Policy” Mother   Teresa “is a very positive experience because through organized lectures   from renowned lecturers, it gives the opportunity to meet and deepen the   knowledge of current issues of domestic and international politics. The   quality and reputation of the school speaks mostly by the fact that it is   supported and funded by the Council of Europe. One of the most important things in the participation of this school is the wonderful atmosphere for work that presents a good foundation for acquisition of new honest friendships that will continue to be further maintained. Eventually, I would   like to extend my gratitude to the organizing team for their professional   spirit but also comradely attitude towards all participants in the first   generation of school. 

Lindita Sakiri Atanasova (Municipality of Aerodrom Advisor). 


“I thank the CRPM for the wonderful experience the School of Public Policy “Mother Teresa ” gave to me. Within the school, I met  wonderful young and smart people, created significant contacts, not only in the private sphere but to the professional one as well, with people with whom they collaborate today. It is worth mentioning the session in Strasbourg that makes this school irreplaceable “

 Diana Stojanovic Djordjevic  (Ph.D., employed at the Institute for Sociological, Political and Legal Research)

Generation 2011/2012


Goran Ilikj

Education: Ph.D. Political Science

Dean and Professor in EU Law and Constitutional Law at the Faculty of Law at the St. Kliment Ohridski University in Bitola


Jasmina Trajkoska Naumoska

Education: Ph.D. at the Iustinianus Primus Faculty of Law at the Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje

Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Political Science at FON University; Advisor of the Members of the Parliament from PEI, Personal assistant of the President of the Management Board of FON University-Mr. Fijat Canoski.

Ardian Ramadani

Education: MA Diplomacy and Political Science

Translator of Albanian language for the French Embassy, the Head of Protocol, Mr. Ardian Ramadani, French language professor, translator, political analyst and columnist.


Josipa Rizankoska

Education: Ph.D.  European and Comparative Politics – University in Siena, Italia

President, Center for Deliberative Democracy- Dialogue (CDDD)

Marijana Todorovska

Education: MA  Economical Science

Head of the financial issues department- Secretariat  for Legislation in the Government of RM.

Martina Smilevska-Kcheva

Education: Bachelor of Law; MA  International Relations- conflict management

Senior Lawyer and Program Manager at Macedonian Young Lawyers Association, freelance content writer.

Miki Milkoski

Education: MA  International Law and Relations

Deputy General Secretary of the Parliament of Macedonia, Councilor in the Municipality of Rankovce


Driton Kuci

Education: MA Law Science

Professor at Faculty of Law, State University of Tetovo, former Minister of Economy.


Dragan Ristevski

Education: Journalist

Librarian, former member of the Municipality Council in Bitola


Elida Zulbeari

Education: Journalist

Editor in chief of Portalb, former journalist in the newspaper “Zurnal”


Milan Stefanovski

Education: MA Applied Politics

Employed in the Ministry of Defense of Republic of Macedonia


Vesna Poposka

Education: MA International Law and Relations, Ph.D.  International Relations and Security

Professor and Dean of the Faculty of Law at International VISION University former, general secretary VISION

Jeton Krasnikji

Education: Philologist of French language and Literature

Project Officer, Macedonian Center for International Cooperation (MCIC), Deputy Chief of Party and Capacity Development Manager at USAID’S CIVIC ENGAGEMENT PROJECT (CEP).

Arta Bojku

Education: MA  International Public Law

Civil servant in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Directorate for EU Affairs


Sevda Deari

Offenburg University of Applied Sciences, Offenburg, Germany
Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) Field Of Study International Business Consulting

IT specialist in Hrast Centar, former System Engineer in National Bank of Macedonia



Ivana Dimitrovska(Petrovska)

Education: MA  European Studies

Local Government Specialist at UNDP Macedonia, former Director and Project coordinator in ALDA, European Association for Local Democracy

Dragan Tevdovski

Education: Ph.D. Economy

Advisor to Executive Director at International Monetary Fund, Professor at the Faculty of Economy -Skopje, former Minister of Economy of Macedonia



Mitko Slaninkovski

Education: MA  Political Science

Area Sales Manager at Lidl Macedonia


Katerina Neshkova

Education: Bachelor of Law

Journalist at TV Sitel, formerly in the daily newspaper ‘Nova Makedonija”

Ivana Kostovska

Education: Media Management MA at University of Westminster in UK

Freelancer, currently for Kosovo 2.0, formerly journalist in the daily newspaper “Dnevnik”

Neshat Azemovski

Education: Bachelor in Mathematics and Science

Program coordinator in Biosphere- Bitola


Vasil Petrusevski

Education: Electronic engineer

Works at Aquaponika, R&D and Production Manager at Biakva Farma, former Manager in the Foundation for economic development- Horizon



Comments by Participants 

Being part of the School of Public Policy “Mother Theresa” was an   incredible and enriching professional and personal experience for me. It gave   me unique chance to meet young leaders with diverse educational and   professional background, offering at the same time excellent forum for   networking and exchange of experiences and ideas. The participation on the   variety of seminars and number of one day events, through which economic, social   and political challenges which affect the Macedonian society were openly   discussed, was crowned with the opportunity to participate on the Strasbourg   World Forum for Democracy organized by the Council of Europe. Thank you CRPM   for giving me this irreplaceable opportunity to challenge my perception,   knowledge and reality, and above all to meet all these amazing people.       

Martina Smilevska, МА

The participation of   the School of Public Policy is a truly unique experience for me in many ways.    As an academic experience, it treats   an extremely wide spectrum of areas. Professionally, it provides an   opportunity to build a strong national and international network. Socially   and humanly, itrepresents a forum for   opposing views of exceptional individuals that upgrade each other. I would especially   emphasize the participation of the World Forum for Democracy, as a unique   experience and a truly unique concept for society’s return to a true
participatory democracy and the redefinition of the concept of citizenship.

VesnaPoposka, MA

I am honored   and satisfied to have participated in the public sessions organized by the   school of public policy “Mother Theresa” and CPRM. During these sessions we   attained a lot of new knowledge and experiences; we met new friends, and we   also showed an example that the young people of our country can cooperate and   co-exist very well. Above all we learned to respect diversity, i.e. different   opinions given by others. The multiethnic atmosphere and the interaction   during the sessions in Macedonia, especially during the sessions in   Strasburg, as well as the accompaniment, left an unforgettable impression,   and at the same time it provided an excellent experience for all the participants.   Lastly I would like to thank the organizing team of the school and the centre   for the professionalism, correctness, and due relation towards all the   participants, especially towards me.

Ardian RAMADANI, MA (Professor of French language and translator at the French Embassy, as   well as proofreader and editor at monthly magazine “The Albanian Voice” in   Prishtina, Kosova).

Generation 2012/2013


Sofija Arnaudova

Education:  Ph. D Social Work and Social Policy

Assistant Professor at the Institute of for Social Work and Social Policy


Martin Pecijareski

Education: MA Political Science – Central European University in Budapest, Hungary

Monitoring Evaluation Learning Program Officer at IREX, formerly at AECOM and Chemonics International, researcher and analyst at CRPM and “Progress’ Institute

Kiril Nestorovski

Education: Bachelor of Economy, MA International relations and European Studies- Central European University in Budapest, Hungary

Commercial Director at Soft2bet, Malta.

Mladen Karazoski

Education:  Ph.D.  Public Administration

Associate Professor at the School of law, St. Kliment Ohridski University in Bitola.

Ivan Denkovski

Education: Electronic engineer

Software engineer, publicist, State Chess Representative,
Currently Senior Software Developer at Armedia


Fatma Bajram Azemovska

Education: Graduated Pedagogue

Director of Sumnal Association”


Еlena Temelkovska-Anevska

Education: Ph.D

Associate Professor at the School of law, St. Kliment Ohridski University in Bitola.

Bajram Curi

Education: Graduated Security Manager

Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia, employed in the department for support of the National Council for European Integration, in the department for Monitoring the European integration  and EU Center

Katerina Bojoska

Education: MA Criminal Law and Criminology

Diplomat at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Macedonia, Directorate for Bilateral Relations with European Countries


Aleksandar Cekov

Education: MA European Affairs – Lund University, Sweden

Project coordinator- Center for Researches and Policy Making


Belma Hadzikamber

Education: MA Banking management

Teaching Assistant at FON University, former advisor of the PEI and SL parliamentary group  in the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia

Fatima Salifoska

Education: PhD political science, MA International Relations and Diplomacy

Associate at the Institute for spiritual and cultural heritage of Albanians, current Program coordinator at the Institute for Public Policy – Skopje.


Ljupka Gugucevska

Education: MA Human Resources Management

Spokeperson in the State Election Commission


Frosina Denkova Zafirovska, PhD

Education: Ph.D. Social work and Social Policy

Chief People & Talent Officer at IT Labs and Associate Professor at Mother Theresa University


Sherif Aliu

Education: MA International Relations and Diplomacy

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Macedonia


Irena Arnaudovska

Education: MA Labor Law in EU

Head of Unit for Financial System, Government of the Republic of Macedonia, Secretariat for Legislation


Jasminka Risteska

Education: MA Interdisciplinary European Studies- European College- Natolin, Warsaw, Poland

Associate in the Directorate for EU Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Macedonia

Nikola Paskalov

Education: Post-graduate studies at European Mozart Academy in Poland

Pianist and piano professor/ Member of Presidency of the Music Artist of Macedonia/ Member of the managing board of the Union of Music Artist of Macedonia

Ivan Stefanovski

Education: PhD in political science and sociology

He was Executive Director of Eurothink – Center for European Strategies and now is Program Officer at National Democratic Institute (NDI).


Iskra Gerazova Mujchin

Education: PhD in public health
Health Care

Researcher at the Institute of Social Studies and Humanities- Skopje.

Comments by Participants

Being engaged in the CRPM School of Public Policy “Mother Theresa” is a privilege and opportunity that one must not miss. A multicultural environment where young academic people coming from different society branches; Public Institutions; NGOs; Governmental Institutions and others meet occasionally and have a chance to discuss and debate on the different state policies that are organized in very professional lectures; speeches and presentations delivered by International and National academicians, diplomats and other public persons. Discussions and analysis resulting by both lecturers and participants could be a strong basis having an impact on the reforms of the state policies leading to the benefit of all citizens of the country. Finally, the nice and warm atmosphere that is led by the CRPM Management makes a strong foundation for a great and long lasting network of people you meet in this school. I really appreciate that Council of Europe and CRPM made me part of the third generation.

Shukriana Statovci

The participation at the School of Policy |Mother Theresa| is a wonderful experience for me. Having the opportunity to listen to inspiring presentations delivered by renowned domestic and foreign experts, and fruitfully discussing with them, is a great honor and pleasure. On the other hand, networking with young people who tend to be future leaders in various spheres of Macedonian society is a real highlight.

Ivan Stefanovski

One of the many things that make this school so fascinating is the mad intensity of activities. Every week I meet another extraordinary lecturer, whose lecture usually hits me like a thunder, and at the same time enlightens me like a lightning. Big thanks to the team of the school. I look forward to the next lecture!

Ivan Denkovski

School of Public Policy “Mother Theresa” offers a rare opportunity to acquire new knowledge from several areas, with special emphasis on public policy. School is a perfect blend of different profiles of young intellectuals, full of enthusiasm and desire for new knowledge and experiences. Participation in the sessions of the School is an exceptional experience, both in terms of the selection of lecturers and topics that are discussed, and in terms of personal contacts, cooperation, harmonious relations, friendship and the exchange of views and ideas among participants. The impression is unique: it is a pleasure to be part of the School, in every aspect.

Elena Temelkovska – Anevska

Generation 2013/2014


Qëndresa Sulejmani

Education: MA ‘Politics, Security, and Integration’ – University College London

Director of Programme at Metamorphosis Foundation



Tina Djepovska

Education: MA Advanced European Studies and International Relations, Institut européen·European Institute (IE·EI), Academy of Nice

Head Of Unit Department for European Union at Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Macedonia

Petar Shape

Education: MA Economical Science ( Finance and Banking Management)

Sales at AD “VITAMINKA” Prilep – Representative office Skopje, formerly program coordinator in BLIZOO, Deputy Director of Public Enterprise for Management of Residential and Commercial Property of the Republic of Macedonia, Member of the Executive Board of NSDP, member of City of Skopje Council.

Katerina Stojanovska

Education: Graduated Social worker

Chief of Staff at Cabinet for Foreign Investments – Government of the Republic of Macedonia

Toni Ristov

Education: Professor in History

Curator in NI Museum of Macedonia/ Member of the Executive Board of DOM

Ana Todorovska

Education: Political scientist/ Ma Political Management

Project Coordinator –Institute for Policy Research


Petranka Delova – Miladinova

Education: MA Economical sciences (MBA Management)

Senior Accountant – Accounts Receivables at Dixa


Boban Kitanovikj

Education:  MA Peace and Development

Foundation “Horizon”


Aleksandar Sofronijoski

Education: MA Criminal Law and Criminology/ Cyber Criminal

Head of the department  in State Election Commission


Jeta Krasniqi

Education: MA Diplomacy

Assistant in the Market Department and Chief Marketing Officer in VIP Operator

Sasko Krstevski

Education: Economist graduated in Aarhus Tekniske Skole – High national diploma in Multimedia design

Entrepreneur, co-founder, and owner of Solenet Global ltd, Sole Communication Network ltd and ltd.

Ana Blazeska

Education: MA European Political Studies, European College of Bruges, Belgium/ MA Conference Interpreting at Ss. Cyril and Methodius University of Skopje, R. Macedonia

She is founder and President of ESTIMA (think tank) formerly, political Institutions Coordinating Advisor in the Prime Minister Office, Government of Macedonia.

Katerina Veljanovska – Blazhevska

Education: Ph. D. Political Science

Assistant Professor at MIT University, Faculty of Security


Ivana Mateska

Education: PhD at the Chair of Logistics Management, at the Department of Management. Technology and Economics at ETH Zurich, MPhil in Technology Policy – University of Cambridge

Junior Portfolio Manager and ESG Analyst, EUROFIMA

Ljubica Pendaroska

Education: MA International Law / Ph.D International Law and International Relations

Mentor – Privacy & Data Protection at ChemAxon, President & National Coordinator, Women4Cyber

Nikola Petrovski

Education: MA International; Law

Frontend Developer: WordPress, JavaScript, VueJS


Aleksandra Stojanovska

Education: Actor, MA Art Management at New Bulgarian University, Sofia

Human Resources Manager in IT Company “GigaVoice”, Lecturer at Creative Hub

Naxhi Ismaili

Education: MA Diplomacy and International Relations

Owner Kolorfin, Project Officer, JTS, Interreg IPA CBC Programme “Greece – Republic of North Macedonia 2014 – 2020”


Marija Veljovska Kondovska

Education: Ph.D. –European Studies for Integration and Communication

Advisor at Parliament of Macedonia, Unit for meetings of the committees on European issues and foreign policy, project coordinator in European Movement Macedonia


Slave Uzunovski

Education: Political Scientist

Consultant at MaSWA-Macedonian Association for Solid Waste Management


Stanislava Culikj 

Education: MA Public Administration and Management of Local Self-government  at the Paris 12, Val de Marne  University, France

Advisor in the European Affairs Committee, Assembly of Republic of Macedonia

Zlatko Jankovski

Education: MA Media and Communication

Vice Head of Sector for Strategic planning and EU accession at the Secretariat for European Affairs


Aleksandra Zogleva Vchkova

Education: MA European Studies– Applied Sciences University of Bremen, Germany

Secretariat for European Affairs, Integration department

Ilija Calsev

Education: MA Business Economy

Assistant of the Member of the Parliament and vice –secretary of VMRO- DPMNE- Mr. Vasil Pisev Member

Kristijan Aleksoski

Education: master’s degree in Economics from the University of Heidelberg, Germany.

Chief financial manager and analyst at CRPM.



Comments by Participants 

The School of Public Policy Mother Teresa focuses on a combination of unique lectures about current issues of domestic and international politics and unique chance to meet young intellectuals. Imagine sitting in group of promising young people, listening to lectures, taking notes and participating in debates…. This is the way in which this school upgrades your knowledge. In fact, this school literally feeds your brain with new knowledge and new skills. Namely, you will be challenged to study more than you thought possible.


It was a wonderful experience that you can only dream off. I express many thanks to CRPM and School of Public Policy “Mother Teresa” that allow me to be part of this school. In the past period I gained a wonderful experience and knowledge in terms of European values and practice of democracy on a higher level and from a different perspective and of course, the possibility of spreading and exchanging of new experiences and friendships in Macedonia and abroad.


The participation in the School of Public Policy “Mother Theresa” for me is a wonderful experience, both professionally and personally.

Active participation in joint activities with people from different professional profiles is in itself a huge benefit to develop your own personality, to gain diverse experiences and enrich the network of contacts with young, successful and promising individuals which become permanent and sincere friendships.

Through a series of top lecturers and experts in their fields, the School of Public Policy “Mother Teresa” offers an opportunity to meet with many areas and aspects of cultural and social order of our society, but also more broadly in the international context, which makes it a real choice for every young person who wants to invest in its future.


Generation 2014/2015


Jetmir Ziba

Education: MA Law

Member of the Youth Council of the United States Embassy in Macedonia, Freelance Translator & Conference Interpreter; Legal aid at Lawyer’s office.

Iskra Korovesovska

Education: PhD Communicative Sciences

Chief Editor at Alfa TV, former journalist for Foreign Politics in the daily newspaper “Dnevnik”


Aleksandar Klashninovski

Education: The University of Sheffield, MBA

CEO at Brainster Next and Chief People Officer at Brainster, former product Associate Director at Leoron Institute


Jovan Petreski

Education: Political Scientist

Deputy Head of the Sector at General Secretariat of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia

Blagoj Gjelevski

Education: MA Political Management

Co-Founder of Tivius Productions, Economic Analyst at Finance Think, Kvantum Prima Director.


Aleksandra Vukovic

Education: MA European Law

Acting Chief of Cabinet and Special Advisor on EU Affairs and International cooperation at the Ministry of Justice, formerly, Coordinator for preparation of the national administration for EU membership in the area of Human rights Secretariat for European Affairs, Government of Macedonia, Justice & Home Affairs Officer to the EU Institutions at the, Permanent Mission of Macedonia to the EU

Dejan Stankov

Education: MA Economic Science in Monetary Economy

Senior Advisor Analyst at NBRM, Deputy General Director
at State Statistical Office, Head of Deparment in the Agency for Foreign Investments and Export Promotion

Emil Surkov

Education: MA Public Policy and Human development

Project Analyst at Sensitech.


Daniel Z. Stojanovski

Education: MBA, University of Sheffild

Co-Founder @Transform Digi LTD | Digital Agency for Experts, formerly Technical Lead – Instructional Design and Consulting at LEORON Institute, Head of a sector in the National Democratic Institute at the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia


Elena Radeva

Education: Ph D.  Public Administration

Teacher at Jane Sandanski High School in Shtip


Daniel Trenchov

Education: MA Human Resources Management  MA International Relations

Current: Head of Coordination Department at National Security Authority, Security Advisor in NATO and national classified information in the Directorate for Security of Classified Information

Dusko Bojoski

Education: Engineer in International Logistic, Jacobs University Bremen;

Project manager, Leoron Institute


Milica V. Petrushevska

Education: Ph.D Macedonian language and linguistics

Owner of Akvaponika, Board Member of Macedonian Association of Proofreaders and of Macedonian Civic Education Center


Admir Brava

MA Economy Financial and Banking Management

Professor at „Cvetan Dimov” High School– teaching economics and related subjects


Svetlana (Kjoseva) Crvenkovska

Education: Bachelor of Law; MA Roman Law and Private Legal Tradition; MA Migration and Intercultural Relations

Lawyer at European Court of Human Rights, Project Manager at Macedonian Young Lawyers Association

Borjan Gjuzelov

Education: PhD in political science, Queen Mary University of London, MA European Studies at the Flensburg University, Germany

National Rule of Law Officer at OSCE

Viktor Ilievski

Education: PhD in Philosophy, Central European University, Budapest

Post-Doc at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Philosophy Department, Freelance Translator


Mila Carovska

Education: MA Public Health , Faculty of Medicine, Skopje

Minister of Education, formerly Project Coordinator in HERA- Health Education and Research Association


Marija Stevanovska

Education: Public Administrator; MA Financial Management, Faculty of Economy, Prilep

Researcher in NGOs “Biosphere” and “CEDI”, Bitola


Nikolce Tasevski

Education: MA Strategic Management, Business Academy Smilevski, Bitola

Head of OSS Development & Network Inventory management Unit at Makedonski Telekom AD

Ana Vasileva

Education: MA English Literature

Stela think tank, freelance translator and Activist


Ilija Nikolovski

Education: MA Media and Intercultural Communication, European University Viadrina, Frankfurt, Germany

Editor and TV host of “Faktor Zdravje”, TV 24 channel

Elizabeta Bozhinoska

Education: Graduated Social worker

Program Director at HERA-Health Education and Research Association

Ivona Paunovska

Education: Public Administrator

Professional Associate in the sector for tax control in PIOM-Pension and Disability Insurance Fund of Macedonia

Biljana Ginoska

Education: MA Finances and Financial Law



Ofelija Tasevska Krstevski

Education: Economist

Accountant in Ku.Com


Lura Polozhani

Education: PhD in Law and Politics, Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz, MSc European Studies, LSE.

Project researcher on the Horizon ‘CONNEKT’ project , University of Graz,  former Advisor to the Prime Minister of Macedonia on cooperation with international organisations.


Comments by Participants / Коментари од учесници

Participating at School of Public policy Mother Tereza for me was a great challenge. First of all, during the one year period I was up to date with all the latest and most important issues on local, regional and global level. Also, I meet great persons during the activities and last but not least I made a great progress and collect a great experience from all presented information. Now I’am sure that I’am closer to my next aim. All this, thanks to the CRPM team!

Ilija Nikolovski


The School of Public Policy “Mother Teresa” is a cutting-edge school which offers a great opportunity for highly qualified participants to enter into polemics, to argument their views and to debate on important national, regional, European and global issues. It is an ideal place for breaking the personal limits, for developing the socio-cultural knowledge and for making new friendships with people from different backgrounds. In other words, the school is a unique educational and life experience which opens the mind, enriches the spirit and widens the horizons of the participants.

Daniel Trenchov


It has been a wonderful experience to be part of this school as it gave me great expert insight in the current events happening in our country and their influence on the public policy process. Also the discussions regarding the permanent issues that our public policy decision makers are trying to tackle for the last 20 years were pretty beneficial as their resolution is crucial for the future of Macedonia. Last but not least, the chance for networking and debating that was enabled through this school is one of the highlights of my time spent there especially bearing in mind that there are not many places in our country where people that come from different ideological backgrounds can exchange their opinions in civilized manner.

Aleksandar Klashninovski

Participation in The School of Public Policy Mother Teresa is such a great experience and a privilege. Thanks to the national and international experts and their inspirational lectures we have been provided with exchange of ideas, opinions, experiences and it was certainly a place where practitioners, academics, experts as well as young leaders were gathered, all of them recognized in their field of competence. The organizing team of the School of Public Policy Mother Teresa, Center for Research and Policy Making, Council of Europe, all the lecturers and guest speakers of the School through their sessions and seminars inspired us all to think globally and act regionally. 

Еlena Radeva

School of Public Policy Mother Teresa creates one large family. I am honored to be part of the family. Through lectures and debates to receive information on the topics covered in the school and the friendship and cooperation of the students of the school that I fully realize the vision of the school – leadership in the promotion of democratic values.

Ivona Paunovska

Generation 2015/2016


Vladimir Mijanovikj

Education: Political Scientist

Journalist in Foreign Affairs in the daily newspaper “ Nova Makedonija”, editor in “Ruska Rec.”

Artan Sulejmani

Education: MSc. Finance from the University of Edinburgh

Economist at the National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia


Orhan Murtezani

Education: MA Management and Organization, Marmara University, Istanbul

Spokesperson of Alternativa, former Director General and President of Management Board at Railways of Macedonia, Manager at the Center for Democracy and Development

Anabela Naskovska- Petreski

Education: Bachelor of International Private Law

Associate in the National Agency for European Education Programs and Mobility

Aleksandar Chaminski

Education: MA International Trade

Chief Strategy Officer at Brainster, formerly Chief of Cabinet, Minister for Foreign Investments, Government of Republic of Macedonia

Marija Jankuloska

Education: Bachelor of Law; MA International Law and International Relations

Researcher at Euro-Atlantic Council of Macedonia

Maja Staleska

Education:  Graduated Social Worker,

President, Housing and Tenants organization HTO, Project Coordinator in Freja Forum, in Macedonia


Ice Ilijevski

Education: Ph.D. Security Sciences

Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Law, UKLO


Nenad Krstevski

Education: MA Management of Innovation and Busıness Development at Copenhagen Business School

Chief Operating Officer at OpenBiz Technology

Natasha Vidova

Education: MSc in Law

Research Assistant in Law, Centre for Knowledge Management


Elena Dimovska

Education: Criminologist; MA Criminology,

Researcher and Project Coordinator at National Youth Council of Macedonia


Marija Filipovska

Education: MA Law Sciences

Attorney trainee in Attorney Office “Dimitrovski”, Bitola


Dana Petreska

Education: MA Law Intellectual Property

Secretariat for European Affairs, Government of RM, Advisor for Evaluation and Monitoring of EU Fund and other foreign trust

Katerina Bajdevska

Education: MA European Studies for Integration and Communication

Councilor in the Assembly of Republic of Macedonia  


Deniz Selmani

Education: MA Political Sciences

Program Manager in Romalitico, Team Leader of Strategic Communications for Civic movement Avaja


Darko Kostovski

Education: Bachelor of Law



Hristina Odzaklieska

Education: Ph.D. Geographical Sciences in the area of Environmental Protection

Deputy Minister of Environment and Physical Planning.

Julijana Cekovska

Education: Political Scientist MA International Political Relations

Managing Director of Public Enterprise for Management of Residential and Commercial Property of the Republic of Macedonia


Marija Andreeva

Education: Political Scientist, Faculty of Law

MA Political Management, Faculty of Law

Council of Europe office in Skopje

Nikola Lj. Ilevski

Education: MA Law – International Law

Teaching assistan of Geopolitics and geostrategy and Civil Society at the Law Faculty, University St. Clement Ohridski – Bitola

Aleksandra Loparska-Iloska

Education:  Economist in International Business and Management- Fontys University of Applied Science, Holland.

Researcher/analyst- Association for Research, Communication and Development “Public”

Kristina Misheva

Education: Ph.D. at the Faculty of Law, “Iustinius Primus”

Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law  at the University “Goce Delcev”- Shtip

Zarko Cvetkovski

Education: Economist- Banking Management, European University- Republic of Macedonia (ЕURМ) – Skopje

Financial assistant in the Center for Research and Policy Making, Skopje

Sara Al-Bandar

Education: MA International Relations and Diplomacy with Business (ACBSP Accredited)  at University “American College” – Skopjе

Team Assistant at The World Bank

Comments by Participants 

The concept of the School for Public Policy Mother Theresa has unique character. Being part of it is unique experience which provides tendency and opens front of new professional horizons and social interactions by removing political, gender and religious barriers. The selections of the lecturers for the weekly and weekend’s sessions that were imminent, professional, as well as the way of organizing the working groups are accredited to the organizers of the school. It was real pleasure to be part of the School for Public Policy Mother Theresa, Skopje.

Ph.D. Kristina Miseva

The School for Public Policy Mother Theresa is a place where I succeeded to suit my need for beautiful and useful. It is a school where young people have an opportunity to develop their values, skills and competences. What did I learn? I acknowledged that the future always starts today. I managed to strengthen and upgrade my own attitude so that I can be in a position to build new respect. I set my limit of judgment towards which we come with emotion and critical reasoning judgment, concusion. The great team of lecturers and the opportunity to debate and panel discussion have provided an upgrade of my knowledge. The value of the great colleagues and friends is priceless which I consider to be eternal. People say:”There is no royal way of learning”, but here it was too easy. It presents an honor, pleasure and marvelous experience to be part of this school.

Katerina Bajdevska

Generation 2016/2017


Marija Antova

Education: PhD in Political Science and International Relations, MA International Law and International Relations

Associate for European Integration at City of Skopje

Katerina Klimoska

Education:  MA Law

Associate at Rectorate, Office for Research, University “ Ss. Cyril & Methodius ” Skopje, Macedonia


Kire Babanoski

Education:  Ph. D. Security Sciences

Program Director for Security at Impetus, Assistant Professor at the Faculty for Security Sciences MIT University, Skopje.

Biljana Dukovska

Education:  Economist for regional and local business development, MA in Social Development.

President of the Macedonian Platform Against Poverty

Zdravko Veljanov

Education:  MA European Studies  (The University of Flensburg  and South Denmark University); MA Conference Interpretation

PhD candidate at Central European University

Makedonka Manoleva

Education:  Political Scientist MA Labor Law

Junior Associate at Municipality of Strumica.



Marina Ivanovska

Education:  MA human Rights and Democracy SEEU

Program Coordinator at the Council of Media Ethics of Macedonia.


Stefan Cicevaliev

Education: PhD in Business Administration

Executive Director at the Social Entrepreneurship Observatory


Tomislav Ortakovski

Education: Bachelor of Law, International Law

Gender Equality Facility Output Coordinator at UN Women


Ema Jakimovska

Education: MA International Relations- conflict resolutions, diplomacy and human rights, Faculty of Philosophy, Skopje.

Communications for Development Manager at Palladium: Make It Possible

Fjola Zlatku

Education: International Communications at the South East University in Skopje.

Translator in “Sakam Da Kazam” redaction, Goran Mihajlovski.

Vesna Trajkovska

Education:   Ph.D Philology

Associate Professor at the Faculty of Security, Skopje


Daniel Gjokjeski

Education:  MA Political Management UKIM, Master of Public Policy, University College London

Senior Facilitator at Soliya, formerly Special Advisor at the Cabinet of the President of Macedonia

Oliver Pap

Education:   Political Scientist, MA Constitutional Law and Political Systems, Faculty of Law -”Iustinius Primus”.

Associate in the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Executive Director of “Potochinja” Festival

Vladimir Boshnjakovski

Education: Bachelor of Law

Owner/Lawyer at Boshnjakovski Law Office, Macedonia Legal Expert at Centuro Global


Erkan Ballazhi

Education:  MA Economical Sciences

Coordinator for Foreign Students Exchange- Faculty of Tourism


Deniz Selmani

Education: MA Political Sciences

Оne of the founders and Program Manager at the Institute for research and policy analyses – Romalitico Skopje.


Katerina Jakimovska

Education: MA Applied Politics

Senior Event Officer at the Martens Centre.

Generation 2017/2018


Katerina Krstevska

Education: Doctoral Degree in Criminal Law and Criminology at the Faculty of Law “Iustinianus I” at UKIM

Associate Professor in criminal law, Faculty of Security, UKLO


Aleksandar Ralev

Education: Master in International Management at UKIM

Deputy General Manager at ibis Skopje City Center, Accor Hotels


Kristijan Trajkovski

Education: Graduated political scientist at UKIM

Project Manager at Center for research and policy making


Afrodita Musliu 

Education: Master in Agricultural, Economic and Resource Management

Executive Director of the Nexus Civil Concept


Sara Mustafa

Education: Bachelor in Business and Administration at SEEU

National coordinator for small grants at MCIC


Vasil Stamboliski

Education: Doctor of Technical Sciences – Industrial Engineering and Management at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at UKIM

After-Sales Manager & Quality Managment Representative at Euroimpex DOO Skopje



Mersiha Smailovic

Education: Graduated Lawyer at UKIM

Lawyer and president of NGO LEGIS


Sashka Mamutchevska

Education: Doctor of Law (Business Law) at UKIM

Advisor for Special Issues in a Bank


Olga Vasilevska

Education: Law Faculty at UKIM

Lawyer at AD Makedonski Zheleznici


Kostadin Tasevski

Education: B.A in anthropology at UKIM

Public Relations Manager at Public Transport Enterprise – SKOPJE, former Ambassador of Macedonia to Australia



Slavica Kuzmanovska

Education: Graduated translator in English and German at the Faculty of Philology at UKIM

Associate for PR at Secretariat for European Affairs,


Dora Jurukova

Education: Master in Political Science (European and International Politics and Diplomacy) at FON

Freight Forwarder at IDV Logistics, formerly State advisor at State Archives of Macedonia



Argetim Saliu

Education: Master in Comparative Public Administration – Faculty of Public Administration at SEEU

Professor of Public Law at University Mother Teresa


Sofija Graovac

Education: Graduated economist

Junior Associate at Agency for the realization of the rights of communities


Marija Fileva

Education: Master in Business Law at the Faculty of Law “Iustinianus I” at UKIM

Berlin Process and Cooperation in Southeast Europe Adviser to the Prime Minister of Macedonia

 Jane Chento

Education: M.A. in Economics, American University College, Skopje

Associate at Public Revenue Service


Vesna Dimitrova

Education : PhD candidate, MBA Management Faculty of Economics, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University, Skopje

Profession: Lawyer

Mario Cvetkovski

Education: Graduated from the Law Faculty at UKIM


Generation 2018/2019


Daniela Antovska

Education : Master in Gender studies
Employment: Project manager in National Council for Gender Equality

Gordana Nestorovska

Education: MSc. of Economic Science in International Management

Consultant at Gender Budget Watchdog Network

Enver Salihi
Education: Faculty of Law at University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius, Skopje
Employment: Real Estate Cadastre Skopje, Member of the SEC;
Jovan Altandjiev
Education: Master of Law (International Law and International Relations) at Faculty of Law, UKIMEmployment: Advisor at the Ministry of Interior

Kristina Angelevska

Education: Bachelor of English Language and Literature, translator and interpreter from Ss. Cyril and Methodius University of Skopje

Employment: Program Assistant, Macedonian-American Alumni Association

Vishna Shorova-Angelova

Education: International Relations at South West University “Neofit Rilski” Blagoevgrad, R. Bulgaria

Work: Associate for international relations and project management in Municipality of Shtip

Besa Ziba

Education: Master of Science in Business Informatics, Faculty of Contemporary Sciences and Technologies

Employment: Municipality of Struga – Sector for tourism, local economic development and international cooperation

Aleksandar Ivanov

Education: PhD, in Security Studies, University of Kliment Ohridski

Employment: Professor at Faculty of Security, University of Kliment Ohridski

Natasha Amdiju
Education: Master in Legal Studies
Employment: Executive Director of the consulting company European Development Agency Prague- Branch Office Skopje
Tina Odzakliska

Education: Bachelor in legal studies (international law) at SEEU, and ongoing master studies- International Security at UKLO.

Employment: Office Manager at IRD Engineering


Dimitar Manchev

Education: Criminalist, Faculty of Security-Skopje, University of St. Klilment Ohridski.

Employment: Assistant to Vice- President of VMRO-DPMNE, Aleksandar Nikolovski

Samet Shabani
Education: MA Candidate on Management
Employment: Chief Executive of Horizon Civitas
Biljana Vlastimirova
Education: Financial Management and Accounting 

Employment: Team Manager at TIA-M Konsulting, Skopje

Fisnik Shabani
Education: Faculty of Law and MA degree in Civil Law.
Employment: Project Specialist at UNDP Macedonia
Stojancho Trajanovski
Education: Graphic design & Multimedia Animation
Employment: Graphic Designer/ Prepress Manager
Marija Dimcheva
Education: MA in Security, Bachelor in Defense Studies, Institute for Security, Defense and Peace Studies at Saints Cyril and Methodius University of Skopje
Employment: Ministry of Defense, Human Resource Department
Faton Fazliu
Education: Master – Faculty of Communications, Public Relations – International Balkan University-Skopje, Republic of Macedonia
Employment: Political Party BESA Movement -Skopje

Generation 2019/2020

1. Никола Трајчевски/ Nikola Trajchevski University American College Skopje, MA in Business Law Private Bussiness PSD – KOM GROUP, Prima Protect
2. Ивана Трајковска/Ivana Trajkovska Communication Sciences and Technologies Faculty of Languages, Cultures and Communication South East European University, Tetovo Koha newspaper
3. Зејнепе Ајдаровска/Zeynepe Ajdarovska Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences branch Business Administration-Management and Organization, Selcuk Univeristy Konya, Turkey Institute for Rehabilitation of Children and Youth
4. Рајна Наумовска Марковски/Rajna Naumovska Markovski Law Faculty, FON University Lawyer
5. Оливер Станоески/Oliver Stanoeski PhD, Institute for Security, Defence and Peace Studies, Faculty of Philosophy, UKIM Adviser for administration affairs, Ministry of Interior
6. Марија Андреева/Marija Andreeva PhD Candidate, Master in Political Management, Law Faculty, UKIM Project Officer at Council of Europe Programme Office in Skopje
7. Катерина Климоска/Katerina Klimoska PhD Candidate; Master Degree (LL.M.) in Intellectual Property Law; Faculty of Economics- UKIM Office for Research Rectorate, Office for Research, UKIM,
8. Иван Денковски/Ivan Denkovski Diplom-Engineer, major in Computer Engineering, Computer Science and Automation, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, UKIM Software Developer, Armedia Skopje (branch of Armedia LLC, Vienna, VA)
9. Марија Филева/Marija Fileva PhD candidate, Master of Law (LL.M.) │ Business Law, Law Faculty, UKIM  Berlin Process and Cooperation in Southeast Europe Adviser to the Prime Minister of Macedonia
10. Фатма Бајрам Аземовска/Fatma Bajram Azemovska Master of Library and Information Science, Pedagogical Faculty, UKIM National Library Bitola, President of Roma NGO SUMNAL
11. Диоген Хаџи – Коста Милевски/ Diogen Hadzhi Kosta Milevski Master in public administration, University of Kliment Ohridski (UKLO) Teaching assistant, Law Faculty UKLO
12. Стефан Чичевалиев/Stefan Chichevaliev LL.B, LL.M (Business Law), PhD in Business Administration at University American College Executive Director at the Social Entrepreneurship Observatory
13. Златко Јанковски/Zlatko Jankovski B.A. in Political Science, Law Faculty, UKIM Deputy head of Sector for Strategic planning and support of the negotiation process in the Secretariat for European affairs in the Government Macedonia
14. Јован Алтанџиев/Jovan Altandzhiev Master of Law (LL.M.)  Law Faculty, UKIM Adviser, Ministry of Interior
15. Искра Коровешовска/Iskra Koroveshovska PhD Communications Department,  Law Faculty, UKIM Chief Editor in TV Alfa responsible for foreign and domestic politics
16. Вишна Шорова Ангелова/Vishna Shorova Angelova International relations, Southwest University Neofit Rilski, Bulgaria. Associate for international cooperation, Department for Local economic development, Municipality of Shtip
17. Даниел Стојановски/Daniel Stojanovski MBA, University of Sheffild, UK Co-Founder @Transform Digi LTD | Digital Agency for Experts
18. Кристијан Алексоски/Kristijan Aleksoski Master’s degree in Economics from the Heidelberg University Finance Manager, Center for Research and Policy Making
19. Реџеп Исмаил (Хактан)/Recep Ismail (Haktan) Master of Public Policy, Law Faculty, UKIM Executive Board Member, Levica/Left political party, member of the Skopje city council.
20. Николина Јанева/Nikolina Janeva Master of Arts (candidate), UACS Center for Research and Policy Making
21. Самет Шабани/Samet Shabani Master of Arts (candidate) International Burch University, Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences Chief Executive Horizon Civitas – Association for Civic Activism and encouraging Social Responsibility, Skopje (Macedonia)

Generation 2020/2021

Ivona Šušak, PhD

Education: PhD in security studies, Faculty of Security, UKLO

Employment: Assistant professor at Law Faculty, UKLO

Живко Белчев

Магистер по технички науки од областа на индустриското инженерство и менаџментот, Работи во АЕК.

Blerina Pollozhani

Master of Contemporary Social Science in Diplomacy, Bachelor Degree Diploma Professional Teacher of English language and literature with a passion and student learning. Certified in leadership and social inclusion. A motivated volunteer and participant in human rights and civic engagement. Works at Provisioning Coordinator

Иван Дургутов
Дипломиран правник и магистер по право од Правниот факултет при УКИМ.
Во 2019 е избран за учесник и дел од најперспективните 80 млади лидери до 25 години од Европа преку лидерската програма Study of the U.S. Institutes (SUSI).Претседател на Summer Work & Travel Alumni Macedonia
Albrie Xhemaili studied International Communication at the southeast European University (SEEU), currently enrolled in a Masters in Diplomacy program at the same university. She is Young European Ambassador.

Havushe Leskovica – Ismaili

Education: MA. from Iustinianus Primus Faculty of Law, UKIM

Employment: Associate at the Macedonian Parliament

Leposava Ognjanoska

Education: PhD student in the field of Law of the European Union and European Integration,

Employment: Lawyer with professional experience in the country and abroad working on international projects, predominantly on issues related with democratic governance and rule of law, both in think-tank sector and for state bodies in Judiciary.

Marijana Zendelova

Education: Master in Legal Studies, Goce Delchev- Stip University, Law graduate Ss. Cyril and Methodius University of Skopje.

Employment: Associate in local economic development in the Municipality of Stip

Blerant Ramadani

Education: master in project management from UKIM, now a Ph.D. student in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

Employment: Teaching Assistant for the course ‘’ Sustainable energy development’’ and ‘’Renewable energy ’’ at the University of ‘’Mother Teresa’’.

Dragan Milosavljevic/Драган Милосављевиќ,

Education: B.A in history

Employment: Anchor at „Zaspij ako Mozhesh„, Alfa TV

Јане Трпковски, м-р по социолошки науки, социоекономска насока, 10,00
област- стратификација и социјална мобилност
2008-2012 дипл. социолог- аналитичар, 9,51
област- политичка социологија и дипломатија

Наташа Димеска/ Natasha Dimeska

Education: PhD Candidate, Master of social work, Institute for social work and social policy, UKIM

Employment: Forensic social worker for women and children victims of violence at Echo – Shtip

Tijana Angova-

Education: Master of Laws (LL.M) Criminal Law – Faculty of Law Iustinianus Primus – Ss. UKIM

Employment: Legal Assistant at Law Office Tortevski

Ilija Djugumanov,

Education: Graduated Political Science and continued with MA studies on IR – Conflict Resolution, at the University of Goteborg.

Employment: Member of the presidency of ATA Macedonia and president of YATA Macedonia. As a promoter of the regional cooperation and the Atlanticism, he was twice elected as a Vice-President for Public Diplomacy and Communication of YATA International in Brussels.

Frosina Petkoska

Education: Bachelor of criminology; Master of law science in the field of criminal law.

Employment: PA to the Head of Strategic Partnership at Catalyst Care Group

Risto Ilievski

Education: Master of Public Policy University „Ss Cyril and Methodius” Skopje – Faculty of Law/ Section Political Studies

Employment: Associate in the Committee of Foreign Affairs and European Affairs Committee at the Parliament of Macedonia

Generation 2021/2022


Elena Zarkovska

Law School graduate with passed BAR Exam, has a MSc in Finance and Financial Law and business specialist certification with extensive experience in law, international finance and diplomacy.

Currently working for the Government of the Republic of Macedonia.

Biljana Matevska, PhD (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Skopje, Industrial Engineering and Management), is an expert for ergonomics and occupational safety and health. Her second passion is environmental protection and climate change mitigation and adaptation.
Currently, Ms. Matevska is employed at Center for Research and Policy Making Consulting as Project Development Manager and is engaged in several projects.

Bojana Tevcheva has a M.A in diplomacy and foreign policy and within a year I successfully completed the Professional Development Program for Journalists at Gaylord College in Oklahoma, USA, awarded by the US Embassy in Skopje.

She is a Marketing Advisor at the DIRECTORATE FOR TECHNOLOGICAL INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT ZONES, a Macedonian Government institution dedicated to attracting foreign direct investment  and managing the country’s free economic zones. She previously worked as a journalist and news presenter at TV Nova and as a host at the TV Alfa for more than 7 years.

Jane Trpkovski, M.Sc. in SE- Soc. Sci. 10.00; also more than 15 International Certs in Filed including Security Policy, Euro-Atlantic Integrations and Evaluations of Public Policies Also, and approx. 15 Certs in Filed including: Demographic and Sustainable Development, Migration Crisis and Political Communications and First Aid. He is Alumni Staff in Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, Foundation Jarl Hjalmarson- Sweden, Institute Robert Schumann- Hungary, American Corner Skoopje, NATO Youth Club, European Movement, Sociologists Association, MICEI International Shooting Association etc. url: e-mail:

Irena Shumenkovska is a PhD candidate at the Department of Political Science at the Faculty of Law, UKIM. She is Young European Ambassador for the Western Balkans. She is a member of the School of Politics at the Presidential Center for Political Education and Ivanov School of Leaders. Irena is a member of the Macedonian Political Science Forum and a delegate to the Faculty Student Assembly at the Faculty of Law, UKIM. Irena is author of scientific and professional papers published in relevant domestic and international journals. She has participated in numerous domestic and foreign conferences, summer schools and projects. She actively speaks Macedonian, English, French, Spanish and Serbian.

Biljana Lazarevska

Senior legal expert, data protection officer and project manager; Law graduate Ss. Cyril and Methodius University – Skopje, Bar Exam, Human rights – privacy, cyber security, collaborates with international organizations.

Ana Marija Mihailova

LL.M. in Finance Law at the Faculty of Law “Iustinianus Primus” Skopje
Participant at the CEE Vienna International Tax Law Summer School 2018 at the Institute for Austrian and International Tax Law in Vienna, Austria
Attorney at Law

Tatjana Gacova

She graduate from Faculty of Philology “Blaze Koneski” in Skopje, at the Department of German language and literature. From 1998 until today he works as a teacher in SUGS High School “Orce Nikolov ”in Skopje. She is as an external associate in JSC ELEM, Power plants of Macedonia, QPES, Switzerland, and Datalab. In 2020 she was elected president of the State Examination Center – Skopje in the commission for conducting the professional exam for the high school trainees of German language schools. Tatjana is a member of the Central Committee and the EB at the Women’s Forum of the Liberal Democratic Party.

Florent Ibraimi

Florent Ibraimi holds a master’s degree in economics – monetary policy, finance and banking from the University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje, Department of Financial Management.  The topic of the master is entitled: “Banking stability in Northern Macedonia through the prism of the Altman Z-score model”

Florent currently works as a Lead Advisor – Learning & Development Solutions at Leoron Group. His longest and most culminating career experience is as a Corporate Business Development Adviser – L&D Solutions in the Middle East for Leoron Group. He moderates the World Economy and Business page (, covering all the latest developments in the world economy.

Fatlum Bauta

MA in Business Informatics ( E-Business)

Chairman of Board of Directors JP “Komunalno” – Struga, Member of UNESCO National Commission, Trainer for IT Managment at State Exam Centar – Skopje Assistant at Faculty of Information Technology at International University of Struga

Lea Matevska


Сектор за внатрешна политика |
Надворешен струченсоработник од областа на внатрешната политика

Lindita Kolalli

Graduated psychologist, Institute of Psychology, UKIM

Professional experience:
2006 – Primary School “Petar Zdravkovski Penko” – School Psychologist

Boris Josifovski

Master’s Studies in European Integration Studies, Faculty of Philosophy at UKIM

State Adviser in the Cabinet of the former President of the Republic of Macedonia Dr. Gjorge Ivanov

Radovan M. Spiridonov

He has a B.A in Political Science from UKIM and has written several student and academic peer-reviewed papers. Radovan has gained professional experience through his involvement in several political and economic think-tanks, but also through the engagement with several youth CSOs. He is also a scholar of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, and active promoter of European values and traditions.

Ivan Ivanov

PhD in International Relations and Affairs, Bahcesehir University

Assistant Professor at International Balkan University (IBU), Board Member
Foundation Alliance of Civilizations, Co-founder and board member Institute for Civil Development and Political Analysis ResPublica

Aleksandar Trajanovski has a bachelor’s in business law and marketing basics, comes from the private sector, with great experience in digital marketing and PR, certified expert in META Group(Facebook, Instagram, WhatsUp…) Monetization and promotional platforms.

Member of Executive Board of Grom, President of the GROM City of Skopje Organization, four years mandatory member(2017-2021) of The Skopje City Council, recently re-elected as a member of the Skopje City Council until 2025.

Vafire Muharemi

Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) UKIM

Youth coordinator, NGO GO GREEN

Natasha Dimeska

Natasha is a Ph.D candidate at the Institute for social work and social policy “Mother Theresa” at UKIM. She has more than 12 years of professional experience as a social worker in the CSO sector with working in women and children protection, labor rights, violence, economical strengthening, and implementing good European practices in special services in Macedonia. She works  implementing public policies about gender balance, women empowerment and making Macedonia a better place for women, encouraging them to be active participants in politics and decision making processes.

Никола Трајчевски

University American College Skopje, MA in Business Law

Private Bussiness PSD – KOM GROUP, Prima Protect

Besarta Xhoni is Master of Finance and Accounting (Southeast European University).

She is founder and CEO of MR XHONI COMPANY as Chartered Certified Accountant with 8+ years of experience in this field. Besarta is the author and co-author of 6+ scientific and professional papers published in relevant domestic and international journals about economics affairs.

Aleksandra Blanusha holds a Master’s degree in International Relations, Diplomacy and EU Integration Policies from the Faculty of Law at UKIM.

Aleksandra is experienced in the area of project cycle management, non-profit organization management, foreign policy and research in the area of international politics. She works in Transparency International – the global coalition for the fight against corruption and is the president and founder of Diplomacy Incorporated – research think tank for foreign policy and diplomacy.

Generation 2022/2023

1. Amir Shaban, M.A. in Diplomacy (Faculty of Contemporary Social Sciences – SEEU). I completed several professional pieces of training in this field, such as Communication, Etiquette, and Diplomatic Protocol from the Academy for Diplomacy and Protocol. I’m writing also on the topics of international relations, foreign policy, Great Powers, Peace, and Security, and I have publications on several portals which are active in North Macedonia. Actually, I’m working in the private sector as a Sales Manager at Tempo Profili ’99, a company whose activity is selling aluminum profiles and accessories.  
2. Ana Gjorgjeva, graduated technological engineer in textile engineering. With experience in all stages of testing of textile materials, control of textile pieces in the tailoring department, modeling and creating clothes. Currently working as an Import export specialist at Free Zones Authority- Republic of North Macedonia. This work declares import and export goods including customs clearance and documentation. She controls goods that cross the border, inform customers about customs and give advice concerning disputes related to customs legislation. She previously worked as a Engineering Teacher in High School, training students in computer clothing creation in Gerber software. Training to develop a sense and knowledge of quality control of the final product. Lecture on the beginnings and evolution of clothing in the subject History of clothing. She is a member of the School of Politics at the Presidential Center for Political Education, Training of Trainers Programme Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), Political Academy of Social Democracy -Progress Institute of Social Democracy and Women Activism Course- Progress Institute of Social Democracy.          
3.     Arta Thaçi, PhD Candidate Economics (South East European University). Currently working as Professor Assistant at “State University of Tetovo” and as a teacher at High School “Maarif International Schools”. Previously worked at Ecolog International, Procurement Department.
 4. Davor Mihajloski, Bachelor of Economics in Marketing and Finance Management,  Working at Secretariat for European Affairs, Government of the Republic of North Macedonia, as a Junior Programming Associate, Sector for coordination with European funds and other foreign aid. Member of the 3th NATO Academy – organized with NATO and Euro-Atlantic Council of North Macedonia. Member of the School of Politics at the Presidential Center for Political Education
5.     Ilija Vishinov has a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in artificial intelligence, and is an experienced Data Scientist. Throughout his life he has strived to integrate his knowledge in multiple areas to change the world for the better”
6.   Jana Vasilevska is an MA in International Business with six years of professional experience in the international development sector. Working experience includes variety of international companies, including internships at the National Democratic Institute (NDI), Sparkasse Bank and current employment of five years at the German Development Cooperation (GIZ).
7. Kristina Stankovska has a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science of International and Intercultural Relations and is currently enrolled in her Master Studies in Diplomacy at Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje. She is currently working as a Business Development Manager in a computer software company and is active in the NGO sector on a national and international level. As ERYICA Youth Ambassador for Youth Information she is a peer to peer educator and holds webinars and workshops for young people on the topic of youth activism. She has strong communication, as well as leadership skills and speaks Macedonian, English and Spanish.
8.   Mila Mladenova is a medical student enrolled at the Faculty of Medicine at the Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje. She is a founder & president of Youth Empowerment Association, a Young European Ambassador from the Western Balkans and a scholar of the German political think tank foundation Konrad Adenauer. Furthermore, she was selected as a Macedonian member of the Youth Advisory Group of the Consortium for Elections and Political Process Strengthening (CEPPS) and a participant in the School of Policies of the Presidential Center for Political Education.  
9. Omer Ajdini comes from Lipkovo, and he is 29 years old. Omer holds a master’s degree in Developmental Studies from the University of Malaya, Malaysia. He has been part of numerous summer schools and academies, such as the 2018 Olympia Summer Academy in Nafplio, Greece themed on Political Risk Analysis. Also, Omer has implemented one of the innovative initiatives titled “Innovative IT centers” sponsored by the Swiss Agency for Development in North Macedonia. From 2019 to 2021 he was the head of the Youth Forum of the Alliance for Albanians leading over 1000 activists in over 20 branches organizing different symbolic political actions, events, and campaigns. Also, from 2020 to 2021 he was a regular columnist at the newspaper Koha, covering topics from technology to political developments and social issues. Education: Masters of Developmental Studies, University of Malaya  
10.   Zoja Tarevska – Petrushevska currently works as Project Coordinator in the field of gender equality in think-thank CSO in Skopje. She has more than 10 years experience with engagement in projects funded by national, EU and other foreign donors or programmes. She has been working on projects that tackle important social aspects, such as social, economic and gender issues. For more than 7 years she has been focused on coordinating and managing projects in public institutions and civil society organizations through cooperation with the business sector, experts and international organizations. Zoja holds MA in political management from the political science department of the Faculty of Law “Iustinianus Primus”, University “Ss. Cyril and Methodius” in Skopje.    
11. Aleksandar Karatosho has extensive experience in the civil society sector for the last 10 years, as part of multiple local and international organizations through which he participated in more than 100 programs of various kinds and organized numerous events, workshops & projects. He is one of the Young European Ambassadors from the Western Balkans as part of the EU Regional Communication Programme, but also a member of European Democracy Youth Network (EDYN) and Global Shapers Skopje Hub. Additionally, Aleksandar is a Co-founder and Vice Director of Pantheon, as a strategic cooperation platform that actively works on building capacities, developing cooperation and creating cohesion between the political youths, businesses and civil society. In the past, he has been a long-term scholar of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, an ambassador of European Student Think Tank, a member of the Presidency of the Student Parliament at the University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius, a Secretary of PTPI Skopje Community Chapter, as well as been the first Macedonian semi-finalist on the European Social Innovation Competition organized by the European Commission.  
12.     Hristina Trajkoska, LL.M. in International Law and Relations and Law of theEuropean Union – Faculty of Law “Iustinianus Primus”, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University. She has participated in numerous domestic and international seminars and projects, including lecture and research sessions organised by the Residual Mechanism for Criminal Tribunals. She actively speaks: Macedonian, English, German, Turkish, Serbian and Chinese.  
13.   Adrijana Aleksieska, journalist and reporter at the news editorial office of Alfa television. I am student at the Institute of Sociology, Faculty of Philosophy at University “St. Cyril and Methodius”. My TV experience starts at the morning program at national TV Station Sitel, and two and half years of experience in news editorial, working on themes and analyses related to internal and foreign policy.
14. Angelina Stanojoska, PhD is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law, UKLO. She graduated at the Police Academy (2008), obtained her MSc in Criminology and Criminalistics (2011) and her PhD in Security Sciences both at the Faculty of Security – Skopje (2014). She had a staff mobility grant from the Erasmus Mundus Basileus V Program at the Faculty of Law, Lund University, and did postdoctoral research in the area of female criminality at the Max Planck Institute for Crime, Security and Law, Department of Criminology. She was a Fulbright Scholar at the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice at UMSL, working on her postdoctoral research about GST and substance abuse. Her expertise is in the area of criminology, especially female criminality, violent crimes and human trafficking. Her latest researches is on the Agnew’s General Strain Theory and female criminals and inmates which has won the Young Criminologists Award from UNODC and ISC in 2019; strain and negative emotions in connection to homicides committed by women; and feminist pathways and homicides committed by women for Springer.          
15.     Filip Ivanovski holds a bachelor’s degree in International Relations from the University of British Columbia and a master’s degree in European Affairs from University of Toronto. Currently, he works as IPA Monitoring and Evaluation Officer at the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Macedonia and is engaged in a project implemented by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.
16.   Berhan Fejzulov has a Master of Urbanism – “University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy” in Sofia, Republic of Bulgaria. Currently working as Junior associate for monitoring within the instrument for pre-accession assistance (IPA), Department for programming and monitoring of implementation within the instrument for pre-accession assistance (IPA), Sector for the European Union – Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning.  
17.   Viktor Buchkovski, is a law school graduate, has MSc in Intellectual Property Law. Expert for enforcement of IP rights across the Balkans. Alongside Intellectual Property, he is a huge fan of Business Law and its application to the innovation and startup ecosystem. He lives by the motto: There are no unsolvable problems, just unmotivated people. Currently working as Coordinator for the enforcement of IP rights within Southeast Europe
18.   Gent Salihi M.A in Diplomacy and Foreign Policy, is experienced in the area of Protocol , project management, foreign policy and research in the area of international politics. He is a Young European Ambassador for the Western Balkans, member of the School of Policies at the Presidential Center for Political Education, NATO Academy, and Global Shapers (World Economic Forum) . He has gained professional experience through his involvement in several political and economic think-tanks. Participant in numerous domestic and foreign conferences, academies and projects. He actively speaks Albanian, Macedonian, English, Turkish and Italian language.  
19. Dimche Micevski, Master of Business Administration (MBA), Marketing, University American College Skopje, is experienced communication specialist and CSOs activist with over eight years of extensive work in various types of projects and assignments. He was Vice-Curator at the Global Shapers Skopje Hub, part of World Economic Forum, and has demonstrated leadership initiatives to encourage and inspire people for a better community. He has worked on various tasks and projects with the US Embassy, USAID, Swiss Agency for Development, Fond of Innovation and Technology Development and Global Shapers Community. He has been involved in the creation and implementation of new programs and projects, most notably the corporate innovation program – FITD Public Call “Startup Heroes”, Digital Nomad Visa and Categorization of MK Startups. He has also been a part of the organization of the First National Startup Summit #MKStartups      
20.   Mia Botinova Dimitrova, holds a BA in Political Science from the Faculty of Law “Iustinianus Primus”, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University of Skopje. Mia is currently pursuing a master’s degree at the Faculty of Law “Iustinianus Primus” in the field of iInternational relations, European integration, and Diplomacy. She is an intern at Eurothink – Center for European Strategies since May 2022. She is also enrolled in the 2022 School of Policies organized by the Presidential Center for Political Education.
21. Stefan Boshkovski, is a BACHELOR OF ARTS IN POLITICAL SCIENCE (BA) – Ss. Cyril and Methodius University, Faculty of Law (political studies) “Iustinianus Primus,” MASTER IN COMMUNICATION STUDIES – Ss. Cyril and Methodius University, Institute for Sociological, Political and Juridical Research. Currently working for the Commission on prevention and protection against discrimination. Previous working experience at the Ministry of Justice – Directorate for execution of sanctions.
22. Mihaela Mostrova holds a bachelor’s degree in Law Studies and a master’s degree in the field of International Law, International Relations and Law of the EU at the Faculty of Law ‘Iustinianus Primus’, Skopje. Intern at the Secretariat for European Affairs in Skopje from January 2020- February 2021 and internship at the European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium, 2018. Currently she is a Teaching Assistant at the Faculty of Law ‘Iustinianus Primus’, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University.
23.   Leona Kicheec has a LLM in International Law and Relations and EU Law from the University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius, Faculty of Law Iustinianus Primus, where she is Teaching Assistant at the Chair of Introduction and Theory of Law. She is LLM candidate in Administrative law and public administration and has been involved with many projects related the protection of human rights.  Through her experience as intern in the Law firm ‘’Godzo, Kicheec &Novakovski”, she acquired experience in drafting legal documents such as contracts and lawsuits and improved my communication skills. She participated in the Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition representing her university where her team was awarded with the “Hardy C. Dillard Award”- second place for best combined memorials out of 576 teams from all over the world. Leona is also a member of a civil association and a non-partisan member of the council of municipality of Ohrid. Fluent in English and Spanish and an elementary knowledge of German and Italian.  

Generation 2023/2024

 Igor Antov holds a B.A. in political science from the Free University Berlin and is a M.A. candidate in international politics at the University of Hamburg. In 2018 he founded the NGO “Youth Guerilla” assuming the role of head of operations. The NGO primarily focussed on youth and social development through projects on social inclusion, informal education, sport and art. For his master studies he was awarded a scholarship by one of the german foundations (Begabtenförderungswerke). After 5 months he was elected to represent the interests of the international scholarship holders within the foundation. During his master studies, he has worked as a student assistant at the German Institute for Global and Area Studies (GIGA) on a project focussed on global interdependence. Furthermore, he has done an internship at the German Parliament, under the MdB Josip Juratovic. He has done two further internships in Viena at the Austrian Institute for International Politics (ÖIIP) and in Munich at the Southeast Europe Association (SOG). His responsibilities at the ÖIIP included preparing policy briefs and academic analysis about events happening in the Western Balkans, whereas his tasks at the SOG were aimed at approaching the problems in the Western Balkans in a more direct manner through moderating panel discussions and helping organize events with relevant stakeholders. He is proficient in German (C1) and English (C2).



Andrej Nikolovski holds a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations from the University of Essex, UK. During his studies, he completed a 6-month internship at the Embassy of the Republic of North Macedonia in the UK.
He is currently employed at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, working for the Directorate for Multilateral Relations.
Andrej is an alumnus of the School of Politics at the Presidential Center for Political Education and a former Young European Ambassador from the Western Balkans.
Furthermore, he has vast experience in the NGO sector, with a background in organizing and participating in various debates, simulations, and Model UNs.
He is fluent in English, Italian and and has an intermediate knowledge of French.


Aleksandar Malezanski, Attorney at Law.

Еducation: Bachelor of Law at the Iustinianus Primus Faculty of Law at the Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje, with passed BAR Exam and extensive professional experience in legal consultancy.

Former volunteer at the Secretariat of European Affairs in the Government of the Republic of Macedonia and former Lawyer at the Trpenoski Law Firm, Clinical Hospital ACIBADEM SISTINA Skopje and University Clinic State Cardiosurgery-Skopje.


Ana Jovanovska is currently holding the position of CEO and Co-Founder at, where she leads the company’s strategic direction, operations and development, dedicated to making a positive and meaningful impact in the labor market. She concurrently works as a Software Engineer with expertise in Python, expanding her technical skills in software development and data science. With academic background in economics, she has actively engaged in numerous research endeavors and policy initiatives aimed at addressing critical economic challenges.

 4.Andrijana Avramoskа, LL.M. in Civil Law – Faculty of Law “Iustinianus Primus”, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University. Currently works in a Law office. Participant in numerous conferences, academies and projects for policy making, especially in the field of gender equality, human rights and social justice.
5.Anisija Mavroska holds a BA in Political Science from the Faculty of Law “Iustinianus Primus”, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University of Skopje. At the moment she is finishing her master’s studies at the Faculty of Law “Iustinianus Primus” in the field of International relations, European integration, and Diplomacy. Anisija has been a part of numerous local and international schools and projects including the School of Policies organized by the Presidential Center for Political Education, the Academy for Public Policies and the Future is Feminist Programme organized by the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Foundation, the School for Young Politicians organized by the Ohrid Institute for Economic Strategies and International Affairs and many others. She currently works in the field of research and data analysis.

David Saltamarski

Education: Ph.D Student
Employment: Lecturer at Integrated Businees Faculty – Skopje


Hristijan Ilievski

BA in Languages

Founder and Secretary General of the Association for Strategic Cooperation PANTHEON Skopje.


Ivan Cvetanovski, is M.Sc. in Strategic and Defence Studies, Institute for Security, Defence and Peace, University “Ss. Cyril and Methodius” – Skopje. He graduated from the Academy of Computer Networks at the Department of Security Specialists at SEDC. He was special advisor for strategic planning in the Cabinet of the former President of Assembly of Republic of Macedonia. Currently working for the Assembly of Republic of Macedonia. He is also a member of the Management Board of JP Vodovod – Skopje

9.Jetmir Asani has bachelor in International Communications, he is the President of the Municipality Council of Chair. Cordinator of the Youth of Democratic Movement, ex Cheef of staff of MP Izet Mexhiti, ex Vice President of Youth Forum of DUI.

Sinan Vejselovski from Skopje, BA economist in the department of Accounting and Auditing of University Sv.”Cyril and Methodij”, currently student of Master-studies at the Faculty of Law in Skopje for International Relations, European Integration and Diplomacy. Member of the general assembly for youth in the municipality of the City of Skopje, Ex Member of the student assembly at the same time and Ex Member of the discipline committee of the economics faculty Sv”Cyril and Methodij, Member of the Youth forum of the Democratic Union of Integrations and employee of the Ministry of Finance in PIM-Departman Public Investment Management.





Katerina Klimovska

Education: Finance and Banking Management

Funds administration officer in Liquidity and Financial Market Division at Komercijalna Bank AD Skopje

She is also President of Ivanov School for Leaders – Alumni Association (ISLAA)


Kristijan Dimkov is a student of Sociology enrolled at the Faculty of Philosophy at the Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje. He has participated in multiple student competitions organized by the EMMK (European Movement in Macedonia), schools for political education around Macedonia and is a member of the Faculty of Philosophy student parliament as well as the student representative in the faculties discipline commission. Social justice and student rights activist. Columnist for the electronic publication Antropol, as well as the Movement for Social Justice LENKA. Central committee member of the political party Levica.


Laze Jakimoski, Laze Jakimoski, PhD, is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law,UKLO. He completed his higher education at the Southwestern University “Neofit Rilski” in Blagoevgrad, R. Bulgaria, in 2009 by passing the three state exams, namely, in the field of civil law sciences as well as criminal law and administrative law sciences. He successfully completed his studies and obtained a diploma of higher education for the educational qualification of a Master’s degree in the specialty of law in 2009.
His PhD is in the field of Civil Law. The thesis Reclaimation lawsuit for the protection of property rights – comparatively R. Macedonia, R. Bulgaria and Ukraine, was defended in April 2015. He is author of a large number of peer-reviewed scientific and professional papers some of which published journals indexed in Ebsco and the Web of Science.


Liljana Jonoski

Liliana Jonoski, Master of Law sciences, with 16 years of work experience in the agriculture and rural development sector, but also as a profiled expert with deep knowledge of public administration reform processes, as well as gender mainstreaming on institutional level. As the executive director of Rural Coalition and an active stakeholder in civil society, Liliana has implemented over 50 international and national projects and actively participates in the processes of creation and implementation of national and local policies. Author of over 20 policy papers, member of the Council for cooperation of Government with civil society organizations, as well as in the Council for Open Government Partnership. Profiled also as a trainer and facilitator in the area of strategic planning and organizational development, advocacy, project cycle management, gender equality, local economic and rural development, public administration, digitalization and climate change. Currently, PhD student of international law and policies.


Magdalena Zdraveska holds a Master’s Degree in Political Management from the Faculty of Law “Iustinianus Primus” at Ss. “Cyril and Methodius” University in Skopje. As a full-time employee in the Agency for Financial Support of Agriculture and Rural Development she has 10 years of experience in IPARD project management. Also, she is part of the second generation of certified facilitators of the State Election Commission. Currently, she holds the position of President at Local Act, an organization located in Makedonski Brod that focuses on local development initiatives.


Nadica Dimitrovska, Msc Engineer Architect (Architectural Faculty at the University “St. Cyril and Methodius“- Skopje. ) Currently working as an Architect in private sector. Working experience includes 9 years working for the World Best Airline QATAR AIRWAY from which 7 were in Doha-Qatar and has a proven track record of achievements in a multi-national team environment. As well worked in Municipality of Aerodrom as an associate for preparation of documentation for construction in the Department for urbanism and preparation of urban plans. Reliable, hard working, while exhibiting high degree of integrity and accuracy in behavior and interactions. She is a member of Political Academy of Social Democracy -Progress Institute of Social Democracy and Women Activism. Fluently speaks Macedonian, English, Spanish, Turkish and Serbian.


Olivera Eftimovska

Founder, Manager, English Teacher and Translator at the Cultural and Educational Center Vortex Art Skopje

For the past 6 years she has been working in the NGO sector as a Project Coordinator and Organizational Development Expert in the field of human rights, gender equality, social entrepreneurship and climate change. She has been engaged in various projects funded by national, EU and other donors and has a wide network of collaborators. Her main focus is organizational strengthening and sustainability of local grass root women’s organizations. She believes that Women -led organizations, play a pivotal role in advancing gender equality and realizing the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
She studied at the Faculty of Philology “Blaze Koneski” in Skopje, at the Department of English Language and Literature.


Viktor Taleski

Education: MA in Public Policy

Јunior associate at State Archives of Macedonia

19.Viktorija Mitrikeska MA for Human resources management and has wealth of experience in areas such as entrepreneurship, business ethics, innovation at SME and operation, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), strategies for employment and improving labor market, social inclusion of vulnerable groups with solid experience in women empowerment and promoting gender balance/equality in business. She has 12 years proven track in preparation of regional programs and strategies for identifying, promoting, facilitating and generating synergies with government, partners, CSOs, business sector and other stakeholders. Viktorija has demonstrated history of 10 years in delivering trainings as moderator and speaker at conferences, forums, workshops and round tables of international organizations and state institutions on innovative ideas, regional development policies, social agenda, active measures for employment, youth entrepreneurship.


Aleksandra Ilieska is a graduate student in the Department of Political Sciences at the International Balkan University, where she received the title of the best student in the history of the institution. She is currently pursuing her master’s degree at the Faculty of Law in the Department of International Politics, within the same faculty. Her expertise in analytical research, content creation, and academic writing, as well as her skillful team management, have matured over two years of professional experience.