Bojana Krstevska has previous project management experience in a few EU-funded IPA projects through the roles of manager and coordinator in the field of youth employment and environmental protection. As a manager, she has over a decade of involvement in different industries and departments like fashion, marketing, communication, and media.
Bojana received a Master of Science in International Management from the Institute of Economics in Skopje. She is passionate about continuous improvement and innovation and constantly searches for ways to improve processes, performance, and herself.
With a passion for community betterment, she eagerly joined the team at CRPM. As a Grant Officer for N. Macedonia and Serbia under the SMART Balkans Project, she is looking forward to establishing a successful collaboration with all grantees and CSOs. Bojana is adept in facilitating the implementation process of the activities and will be on hand to support and advise the CSOs.
With her outgoing personality, she is easy to socialize with, in and outside the office. She enjoys outdoor sports, and spending time with her family and friends and her chocolate Labrador.