With over twenty years of experience, Maja Varoshlija is highly qualified and experienced working in the civil society sector. She holds a bachelor’s degree and Master of Art in Social work and Social Policy from the Institute of Social work and social policy, Faculty of Philosophy of the University St. Cyril and Methodius, Skopje, Macedonia. Ms. Maja possesses extensive knowledge in developing and leading programs and projects for the assistance of vulnerable persons, including victims of trafficking and sexual violence. She also has participated in major research projects and situation analyses regarding subjects of interest. Ms. Maja joined CRPM team to lead the project for adaptation and implementation of the Young Man Initiative (YMI) Program on a national level. Throughout her career, her mission has been to assist vulnerable people and to stand for their rights by giving them a voice. Her friends describe her as easygoing, a good listener and with a daring desire to sing.

e-mail: varoshlija@crpm.org.mk