Ljupka Trajanovska is a Project Coordinator of the EU financed project Through gender lenses: appraising budgets and policies; watchdogging local action plans for gender equality implementation. Ljupka is part of the gender unit of CRPM and is specialized in gender mainstreaming, gender analysis, gender assessments and development of gender responsive budgeting policies. She is a Chevening scholar and got her Master of Arts in Gender, Violence and Conflict, department of Global Studies at the University of Sussex-Brighton, United Kingdom. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Security from the Institute for Security, Defense and Peace at the Faculty of Philosophy of the University St. Cyril and Methodius, Skopje, Macedonia. Ljupka identifies herself as a feminist and women’s rights activist. She is experienced in research, lobbying, advocacy, peer education and project implementation and management. In addition, she is specialized in working with youth, women victims of violence, kids with difficulties in studying and other marginalized groups of people. Ljupka has won the OSCE scholarship for Peace and Security and gained a UPEACE diploma focused on conflict prevention through arms control, disarmament and non-proliferation. Her main fields of interest are Women and Security and Gender Based Violence.

In her everyday life Ljupka enjoys fitness, mountain climbing, dancing and traveling.
e-mail: trajanovska@crpm.org.mk