In the course of six months, we have managed to transform 20 non governmental organizations in incoming social enterprises. Through six modules within the Smart Start Scholl, 20 non-governmental organizations began to reflect market oriented and they have prepared to make a profit in order to finance its non-profit organization. They are ready to incorporate social and entrepreneurial approach in the way of their thinking and acting towards certain social problems, thereby directly including communities or groups of citizens with whom they work every day. Therefor we have increased and strengthened the offer(the proposal) of social entrepreneurs in the country.

Through the media, we have managed to raise the awareness among the general public about the importance of social entrepreneurship, to create a double system of preferences for products and services that are produced by social enterprises. In that way, we influence the increased demand for products and services from social enterprises.

Additionally, CRPM Skopje through their representatives in the working group for preparation of the legal and policy framework for social entrepreneurship, actively contributes to the preparation of the legal framework and makes recommendations for policy change that will enable new financial instruments to support social entrepreneurship in the country.

In the following period we expect  the first concrete results – real  jobs in social enterprises that are part of the Smart Start hub, as well as resolving of the social challenges or deficiencies  that represent objects of their interest, such as the unemployment, the exclusion of rural women from the labor market, the pollution of the air, the increasing awareness of healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle, the youth unemployment, the protection of cultural heritage and values, the social inclusion of people with disabilities, drug users, gambling and alcohol addicts and so on.

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