Lulzim Selami

Education: MA Political Science

Assistant at FON University in Skopje


Toshe Zafirov

Education: MA  Political Science

Deputy Secretary General at the President’s Office (president Stevo Pendarovski). Former Program Director and Project coordinator in the “Progress” Institute


Lindita Redjepi

Education: MA  International Relations and Conflict Managements

Program Manager at American Peace Corps


Oliver Stanoeski

Mr. Oliver Stanoeski has a PhD from the University “Ss.Cyril and Methodius” – Skopje, Faculty of Philosophy, Institute for security, defense and peace studies. He works at the Ministry of Internal Affairs and was involved in the RECOM initiative as a local advocate. 

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Lindita Shakiri Atanasova

Education: Engineer of Metallurgy;

MA International Relations and Diplomacy

Technical Director of the PE ‘’Vodovod I Kanalizacija’’ Skopje (PE
‘’Water supply and sewerage’’ Skopje),

Natasa Donevska

Education: PhD in Environmental and Climate Policy, MA  International Cooperation and Development; Master at Human resource management

Technische Universität München |· School of Governance – Chair for Environmental and Climate Change Policy

Diogen Hadzi-Kosta Milevski

Education: Ph.D.  Public Administration

Assistant at Faculty of Information and Communication Technologies (FICT)


Darko Pavlovski

Education: Master of Public International Law

National Legal Officer at Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), Mission to Skopje


Nenad Zlatanovikj

Education: Internal medicine specialist- subspecialist- cardiologist, Master in Medical Science

Manager/Specialist in internal medicine-subspecialist in Cardiology


Kaltrina Zekoli Shaqiri

Education: PhD

Associate Professor at University of Mother Teresa, Skopje





Burim Latifi

Education: Master of Corporate Finances and Banking

Adviser to the Mayor of the Municipality of Chair, Macedonian Adviser at the Department of Finance and Administration, Air Navigation M-NAV, former Adviser of the Minister of Economy


Dragana Bukilica

Education: Master’s degree in International Marketing Management

Expert Advisor for planning and analysis, human resources and PR at the Clinical Center in Skopje and PR of the National Economic Chamber of Toursim


Katerina Todorovska-Hummler

Education: Universität Hamburg / University of Hamburg
MA in European Studies

Legal Assistant at European Patent Office, former Lawyer at the Registry of the European Court of Human Rights



Stevo Bajdeski

Education: Master of  Peace and Development

Head of Finance
Kaktus Group Doo, Bee Creative Solutions

Afrim Bakiu

Education: Philologist

English language teacher



Tome Gusev

Education: MA  Applied Politics

Advisor on Legislative and Political Education, Parliamentary Institute


Gorazd Milosovski

Education: Graduate of Political Studies

Director Of Operations Force Transportation INC


Biljana Avramovska

Education: Master of International and European Security

Councilor in the Ministry of Defense


Betijan Kitev

Education: Master of Political Science

MP, Social Democratic Union of Macedonia, Councilor in the Municipality of

Marija Tegovska

Education: MA  International Relations

PR adviser at Ministry of Information Society and Administration, former Political Analyst and Journalist
CIVIL- Center for Freedom



Comments by Participants


“The experience with the School of Public Policy is a   special pleasure and spiritual enrichment because it gives opportunity to   have open and constructive debates on different topics in the society and   also, to meet and socialize with people from the intellectual elite in the   country and beyond”

Darko Pavlovski (Lawyer to the European Court   of Human rights in Strasbourg, France) 


“School of Public Policy Mother Teresa is a great   networking opportunity for civic activists of all generations in Macedonia by creating a forum to exchange ideas and opinions about current, past and  future challenges of our society. This school is a rare opportunity for   consideration of the domestic social problems in an international context, and the opening scene of the international issues that have an impact on  domestic social trends “

Katerina Todorovska ( MA European Studies at the University of Hamburg, Germany)


“Unforgettable experience accompanied by moments of   professionalism and friendship with a group of promising young people, future   leaders in their fields. Professional debates, acquired new skills in the   process of reproduction public policies, and mutual exchange of views on given issues, is a solid foundation upon which this school is building its future and promote the future of its participants. “

Oliver Stanoeski (Ph.D. and an associate of the Institute for Security, Defence and Peace at the Faculty of Philosophy) 


“Participation in the School of Public Policy” Mother   Teresa “is a very positive experience because through organized lectures   from renowned lecturers, it gives the opportunity to meet and deepen the   knowledge of current issues of domestic and international politics. The   quality and reputation of the school speaks mostly by the fact that it is   supported and funded by the Council of Europe. One of the most important things in the participation of this school is the wonderful atmosphere for work that presents a good foundation for acquisition of new honest friendships that will continue to be further maintained. Eventually, I would   like to extend my gratitude to the organizing team for their professional   spirit but also comradely attitude towards all participants in the first   generation of school. 

Lindita Sakiri Atanasova (Municipality of Aerodrom Advisor). 


“I thank the CRPM for the wonderful experience the School of Public Policy “Mother Teresa ” gave to me. Within the school, I met  wonderful young and smart people, created significant contacts, not only in the private sphere but to the professional one as well, with people with whom they collaborate today. It is worth mentioning the session in Strasbourg that makes this school irreplaceable “

 Diana Stojanovic Djordjevic  (Ph.D., employed at the Institute for Sociological, Political and Legal Research)