Mr. Leon Malazogu, MA, Kosovo

Mr. Malazogu, is an Ambassador of Kosovo to Japan and Palau. He is a policy expert on political parties and local government, electoral systems, and conflict resolution. Leon Malazogu was representative of the Project for Ethnic Relations for Kosovo and a country coordinator of Swisspeace Foundation, Early Warning Project, Bern.



Mr. Victor Friedman, PhD, USA

Mr.Victor Friedman received his B.A. in Russian Language and Literature from Reed College in 1970 and his Ph. D. in both Slavic Languages and Literatures and in General Linguistics from the University of Chicago in 1975…


Mr. Florian Bieber, PhD, Luxemburg/Serbia

Mr.Florian Bieber is a political scientist working on inter-ethnic relations, ethnic conflict and nationalism, focusing on Southeastern Europe. He is a Professor in South East European Studies and director of the Center for South East European Studies at the University of Graz


Mr. Herman De Fraye, MA, Belgium

Mr. De Fraye is a seasoned Belgian diplomat. He has been an International Liason Officer of the Belgian Senate and a Director of the Parliamentary Language Program of NDI in Macedonia.



Mr. Hans Jurgen Zahorka, Germany

Mr. Jurgen Zahorka is an executive director of Libertas Institute, an influential German think- tank in the areas of company law, public-private partnership, capacity building and acqui communautaire.