XXIX Economic Forum, Krynica–Zdrój, Poland

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Marija Risteska, Founder and Executive Director of the Center for Research and Policy Making is the first civil society leader from Macedonia that spoke at the Economic Krynica Forum. The Center for Research and Policy Making was coorganizer of the panel titled: “Will the World Order Turn into Global Chaos?” chaired by Maurizio Caprara, Senior Foreign Affairs Commentator at Italy’s Corriere della Sera. Panellists included Dirk Niebel; Karel Schwarzenberg, Vice-Chairman of the Czech parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee; and David Earnshaw, Associate Vice President for European Public Policy at MSD in Belgium. During the discussion, JeanChristophe Bas stressed the importance of strengthening multilateralism in order to avoid chaos.

The panel focus on the elections in different parts of the world, where one can observe a growing trend where vote casting stands for a voice of dissent. The candidates without experience win, promising quick and easy solutions, regardless of the costs and real possibilities of fulfilling election promises. International law ceases to be a guarantor (if it ever was) of a conflict–free settlement of disputes, and realism returns to the political scene. What is the world going to turn into in the years to come?

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