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  Program 2016 of Public Policy and Issues in Euro-Atlantic affairs and enlargement Session of School of Public Policy Mother Teresa

Skopje, December 1-4th, 2016, Hotel Porta


Friday (2.12.2016)


17:15 – 18:40


Prof. Kaloian Simeonov, University of Kliment Ohridski, Sofia, Dessislava Antonova, PhD candidate, University of Kliment Ohridski, Sofia

“The Perspectives for EU Enlargement. How the referendum for Brexit may influence the process?”




Saturday (03.12.2016)




Ruzja Smilova, University of Kliment Ohridski, Sofia

Democracy and the Media in the EU: The Case of Bulgaria

(Coffe will be served in class)

10:30 – 13:00

Eggert Hardten, European Stability Initiative, Berlin

Public policy, EU enlargement and the migration crisis (simulation part one)

13:00- 14:00



14:00 – 18:30

Eggert Hardten, European Stability Initiative, Berlin

Public policy, EU enlargement and the migration crisis (simulation part two)



Coffee Break








Daniel Smilov, Center for Liberal Studies, Sofia

The Rule of Law and the Rise of Populism: A Case Study of Post-accession Bulgaria


End of Day 2




Sunday (03.12.2016)




Emil Shurkov, CIKP Consulting, Hague

EU enlargement and fight against corruption: the effects of hidden or grey economy on governance


Coffee Break


End of the Seminar





Short Bios of Lecturers:


Miša Đurković.


Principal Research Fellow, Director of the Institute of European Studies (a scientific research institution in Serbia devoted to the comprehensive study of political, economic and cultural processes in Europe) more info at: www.misadjurkovic.info

Diplomirao je i magistrirao filozofiju na Filozofskom fakultetu u Beogradu gde je 2005. godine i doktorirao. Zaposlen je kao naučni saradnik na Institutu za evropske studije. Bavi se političkom i pravnom teorijom, fenomenima popularne kulture i procesima evropskih integracija. Autor je sedam knjiga i većeg broja naučnih radova. Sa Politikom uz povremene prekide, sarađuje od 2001. godine.



Eggert Hardten (Germany) has been an analyst in many European Stability Initiative (a leading European think tank) projects in Bosnia, Kosovo, Serbia and Macedonia since 2000. He has a lifetime history of engagement with the former Yugoslavia and combines a broad knowledge of the history and political economy of the region with unrivalled practical experience in economic development, agriculture and local governance issues. Eggert Hardten has a lifetime history of engagement with the former Yugoslavia. After studies of Slavistics and Balkanology in Bochum, Moscow, Freiburg, Berlin and Belgrade, he got involved in the German peace movement. Eggert led humanitarian support operations of the Berlin Parliament for Bosnia, co-founded Mostar Peace Project and later became an advisor of the Berlin and Brandenburg government for refugee return. Based in Berlin, he still spends considerable time in the field carrying out research and training young researchers in capacity building projects in Macedonia and Kosovo with different institutions.


Kaloyan Simeonov,

Head of Department of European Studies, Professor at Kliment Ohridski, Sofia University


Daniel Smilov

Programme Director, Political and Legal Research


Daniel Smilov is a comparative constitutional lawyer and political scientist. He is Programme Director at the Centre for Liberal Strategies, Sofia, Recurrent Visiting Professor of Comparative Constitutional Law at the Central European University, Budapest, and Assistant Professor of Political Theory at the Political Science Department, University of Sofia. He holds doctorates from the University of Oxford (DPhil, 2003) and the Central European University, Budapest (SJD, 1999, summa cum laude). In 2002-2003 he was Research Fellow at the Centre for Policy Studies, at the Central European University. In 2003-2004 he was Jean Monnet Fellow at the European University Institute, Florence. He has also been a Visiting Scholar at the Boalt Hall School of Law, University of California, Berkeley in 1995. Dr. Smilov is co-author (with Martin Tisne) of From the Ground Up: Assessing the Record of Anticorruption Assistance in Southeast Europe, Central European University Press, 2004, co-editor (with Denis Galligan) of Administrative Law in Central and Eastern Europe, CEU Press, 1999, and co-editor (together with Jurij Toplak) of Political Finance and Corruption in Eastern Europe, Ashgate, 2007. He has published articles in ICON (International Journal of Constitutional Law, Oxford University Press), Public Law, and the Austrian Journal of Political Science (ÖZP), as well as a number of chapters in edited volumes.






Dr Ruzha Smilova


Dr Ruzha Smilova (PhD CEU) is a senior assistant professor at the Political Science Department of Sofia University and a part-time researcher at the Centre for Liberal Strategies – Sofia. At Sofia University Dr. Smilova teaches history of political ideas and contemporary political theory. Her academic research is focused on such issues as the authority of democracy, normative and positive theories of democracy, the relation media-democracy, etc. At the Centre for Liberal Strategies she has been involved in a series of research and policy-related projects – on voting behaviour, participation in politics, quality of representative institutions. She has also been part of the CLS team within the framework of ‘European Media Policies Revisited: Valuing & Reclaiming Free and Independent Media in Contemporary Democratic Systems’ (MEDIADEM) research project (http://www.mediadem.eliamep.gr/). She is a co-author and author of reports and articles on media in Bulgaria, published within the framework of this project. She has been a post-doctoral fellow at the Centre for Advanced Studies – Sofia, with the research project “The duty to obey the law and social trust: the experience of post-communist Bulgaria” (available at http://www.cas.bg/uploads/files/Shaken%20Order/R.%20Smilova.pdf) Dr. Smilova holds a doctorate from the Central European University in Budapest. Her dissertation “A reason-based justification for liberal-democratic authority” received a CEU university award in 2006.



Mr. Emil Shurkov holds a BA in Political Science and European Studies from the American University in Blagoevgrad and an MSc. in Public Policy and Human Development from Maastricht University, the Netherlands. Before joining CRPM in January 2014 Shurkov has been working in the private sector, more specifically, banking, insurance, education, environmental consulting etc. He has participated in a number of international trainings, forums and conferences. His research and personal interests include, but are not limited to: emerging and green technologies, sustainable development and energy efficiency, sustainable transport and energy, economy.



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