Webinar: Substantive representation of women: Insights from a developing research area in South-East Europe

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Issues of political representation are the core focus of gender and politics research globally, including in our region. In South-East Europe, studying the ‘who’ is sitting and acting in formal representative institutions has clearly dominated the research agenda in the last three decades, but substantive representation, the ‘acting in the interest of the represented’ (Pitkin) or the ‘how’, ‘when’, ‘where’, ‘by whom’ and ‘what’ of representation, is coming into the focus of researchers, lately. Scholars are scrutinizing critical actors and sites for representation, what these processes look like, and what outcomes they produce.

The 3rd webinar will feature the research of three GenPolSEE members. Jelena Lončar will examine how MPs in Serbia are shaping the interests and identities of women over the last two decades, Marija Risteska will present her work on women’s representation through gender-responsive government budgets, while Saša Gavrić will introduce early work on the substantive representation of women under conditions of post-conflict power-sharing political arrangements.

This webinar is part of the Gender & Politics Research in South-East Europe Webinar Series, initiated by the GenPolSEE network, aiming at promoting research and researchers from the region.


  • Jelana Lončar, Assistant Professor, University of Belgrade
  • Marija Risteska, Executive Director, Centre for Reserach and Policy Making, Skopje
  • Saša Gavrić, PhD Researcher, Leipzig University

Moderator: Tajma Kapić, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Dublin City University

The webinar will be in English language.

All interested to participate are kindly invited to register at the following LINK.

We would appreciate it if you would distribute this invitation among your networks.

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Gender and Politics Research Network in South-East Europe (GenPolSEE) is an informal, feminist network interested in fostering research on gender equality, representation, backlash and public policy in South-East Europe. GenPolSEE was established at the Founding Meeting in November 2022. The network is committed to a) Strengthening peer-to-peer learning and exchange among gender and politics researchers in the region; b) Promoting contemporary feminist research methodologies and strengthening links with international experts, networks and platforms; and c) Conducting empirical research aimed at supporting change, innovation and transformation, and promoting research from the region internationally. Thematic research: a) Gender and representation: institutions, critical actors, arenas of representation, women’s and social movements, masculinities and intersectionality; b) Gender and backlash: anti-gender movements, backlash on women’s and LGBTI rights, right-wing politics; and c) Gender and public policy: gender equality legislation, inclusive policy making, accountability mechanisms, gender mainstreaming.

Contact: genpolsee@gmail.com / Twitter / Facebook

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