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Project: Strengthening transparency and accountability for gender equality in Western Balkans and Moldova (Gender Budget Watchdog Network, Phase II)

Terms of Reference
GBWN Grants and Learning Officer

Governments have yet to implement fully commitments to GRB and institutionalize GRB throughout the budget process. Additionally, gender analysis and a gender-transformative approach to climate change in the Western Balkans (WB) and Moldova is limited. On the other hand, engagement of civil society on gender and climate change is increasing, but mostly separately on gender equality and on climate change with no sufficient examples of cross-cutting efforts and interventions. Moreover, CSOs and policymakers still lack knowledge, methodologies and skills in GRB, particularly related to climate change, and resilience response financing which was proven with the COVID-19 pandemic when scarcity of capacity for gender transformative resilience response was more than obvious.
To improve public commitments for gender responsive climate action and increase available financing to implement gender-responsive climate action in the Western Balkans region and Republic of Moldova, the Gender Budget Watchdog Network launched the second phase of the project Strengthening transparency and accountability for gender equality in Western Balkans and Moldova.
GBWN works with CSOs (Women´s rights organizations, Men’s organizations, Environmental organizations and non-profits working on implementing UN Convention 1325); and relevant decision makers in charged on budgets, public finances and climate/environmental polices. GBWN’s intervention beneficiaries are government officials and local government institutions, gender machinery and relevant ministries of environment, actors engaged in implementing the gender equality commitments and the NDCs under the Paris Agreement and citizens of WB and Republic of Moldova.

CRPM is in consortium with 6 other partner organizations Gender Alliance for Development Centre; Center for civil society promotion; Kosovo Women’s Network; Women Action; Gender Knowledge Hub, Keystone Moldova is implementing since 2019 the Strengthening transparency and accountability for gender equality in Western Balkans and Moldova. The program implementation is phased and we are now in the second phase of implementation which focuses on:

  • Further develop GBWN, broaden and deepen GBWN Academy by developing resources for self-learning, mentoring schemes to members to meet ethical standards, development of policy documents and institutionalizing integrity and quality standards of CSO’s GRB related work, enhanced participation on international forums to increase GBWN’s visibility and receive necessary recognition;
  • Training on monitoring resilience response, climate change financing and use of GRB tools alongside mentoring to produce gender budget watchdog reports, developing Methodology for gender budget watchdogging in climate change, adapt Covid-19 response monitoring methodology for more general resilience emergency response, mentoring and financial support to 76 CSOs to engage with governments for gender transformative use of public finance;
  • Develop monitoring and shadow reports on SDG 5c1 with continuous advocacy, producing gender responsive citizens budgets, boost Parliamentary hearings, strengthen policy advocacy for improved gender responsive public financial management by using PEFA supplementary framework in the Ministries of Finance, monitor EU external financing to the project countries.

For the purpose of program implementation CRPM seeks for a dedicated individual that specializes in gender and has experience in working with CSOs and managing knowledge and learning programs to assume the position of GBWN Grants and Learning Officer.

• In consultation with the GBWN partners and Program Management Team, implement transparent and effective grants management processes and manage the knowledge and learning process within the network;
• Monitor and document the grant-making workflow processes, forms, templates, reports and data to assure full compliance with internal controls and legal requirements;
• Monitor and document training, self-learning, mentoring and knowledge sharing process, and develop reports;
• Contribute to the management of the system for control, oversight and quality assurance of the grants portfolio in accordance with donor’s regulations, the project’s grants manual, and the CRPM’s internal policies;
• Oversee and manage solicitations, applications, payments, deliverable approvals, implementation, and closeout processes;
• Provide daily advise, training and technical support to grantees and trainees as/if needed;
• Provide daily advise and access to resources for civil society on gender responsive budgeting and the climate change financing;
• Ensure that all grantee deliverables are received, tracked, filed, and in compliance with project objectives and requirements;
• Monitor grantees for legal, financial, and program compliance;
• Identify best practices within the network and create case studies from which members can learn;
• Maintain close communication and positive working relations at all times with the implementing partners and all team members;
• Generate reports and data analysis for program and finance team or board;
• Problem-solve complex grant scenarios;
• Consult/liaise with other networks and provide GBWN members with access to information, resources, learning materials as well as opportunities for participation in events;
• Work with finance to generate reporting required for compliance and financial statement audits;
• Update the communication manager for all upcoming events related to the project activities and develop media (social media) content;
• Partner with the executive director, finance officer, project manager as well as the other project staff as to ensure efficient management of all aspects of the grant program in accordance with the intern financial procedures of the organization, requests of the donor and existing national laws.

Specific responsibilities to knowledge management and learning

  • To promote, encourage and advance knowledge and best practices in gender responsive budgeting and climate change in all their aspects;
  • To establish quality standards of CSO gender budget watchdog and document the experiences and best practices in GBWN region and wider;
  • To manage the GBWN training on the e-platform and mentoring program and to hold discussions, examinations and tests of knowledge and experience in the GBWN areas;
  • To plan and manage the webinars and podcast series that GBWN will produce;
  • To contribute to organization of GBWN events and participation of GBWN events to other relevant events where the network will be presented;
  • To provide content for social media of GBWN and CRPM;
  • To liaise with stakeholders, educational bodies, colleges and institutions of higher learning and cooperate in the developing of teaching syllabus of the professional qualifications in gender studies, budgeting and climate change;
  • Contribute to cross-program sharing and learning activities and events;
  • To provide a data base of gender responsive budgeting resources for CSOs as well as gender perspective of climate change and tools for monitoring climate financing from gender perspective and to arrange for the delivery of lectures, speeches and the provision of guidelines for CSOs on practical use of GRB tools.

Specific responsibilities to granting

  • Review grant applications;
  • Manage a portfolio of grants in accordance with established processes;
  • Review incoming reports against predicted spend and assess whether on time and on budget;
  • Review the narrative reports of grant holders and provide feedback on the level of achievement, need for further information and recommendations for improvement;
  • Assist in developing narrative and financial report templates for grant holders;
  • Check that criteria for reviewing reports are well-defined and reviewed on a regular basis;
  • Assist in the synthesis of reports and in drafting narrative documents and reports for donors;
  • Build positive and trusting relationships with grant holders;
  • Identify grant holders with specific performance issues that need to be addressed and agree appropriate action to help resolve them;
  • Perform other duties as assigned.


  • University degree / Master of Science (is preferred) in gender studies, psychology, sociology, education studies, policy studies, or similar fields;
  • At least 3 years of professional experience in the field of gender equality and / or education
  • At least 3 years of experience in civil society;
  • At least 1 year of experience in conducting trainings and workshops for CSOs and managing e learning platform (is preferred).


  • Knowledge of all aspects of planning and implementing a project cycle;
  • Excellent communication, presentation, organizational and writing skills;
  • Knowledge of written and spoken English;
  • Knowledge of MS Office suite (knowledge of SPSS or STATA will be considered an advantage).

The sensitivity of the target group requires high level of understanding, gender-sensitivity and use of the principle of non-discrimination.
Multiculturalism and multicultural policies are pillars of CRPM values as an organization and thus are highly respected and nurtured. Any individual applying for this position should share them.

Application process
Please send your CV and motivation letter to crpm@crpm.org.mk with the title “Application for GBWN Grants and Learning Officer” no later than 16.02.2023.
The application process in CRPM is competitive and goes through 3 phases: eligibility check, assignment/test, interview.
The organization operates in English, Macedonian and Serbian.
We encourage Albanian language speakers to join our team.
CRPM is an equal opportunity employer.

Contractual status:
All CRPM employees work on employment contracts with full benefits package.
Contract with 6 months’ probation period from 01.03.2023 with possibility to extend the contract for full period of engagement under the program until 30.10.2026.
Salary is defined based on the qualification, experience and in accordance with the CRPM Salary policy and ranges between 36000 MKD and 61000 MKD.

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