Transforming “Brain Gain” from a concept to a real gain

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In 2011 the Center for Research and Policy Making was local partner in the regional project “Advocating for “Brain Gain” Policies aimed at Reintegration of High-skilled Returnees in the Western Balkans” lead by Grupa 484 from Belgrade. Our objective was to influence the governments in the region to develop a systemic support to the return of our citizens abroad, and thus motivate them to return to the country and contribute to its development with their potentials, rather than to go back abroad disappointed, due to a lack of support, and remain there forever, without any desire to cooperate with the homeland.

As part of this project our team conducted on line polling with highly qualified returnees from Macedonia, focus groups, interviews with the key stakeholders from this field and wider research on the current legal framework that affects this group of people. Preliminary results from the polling were presented at a round table discussion visited by approximately more than 20 guests, including important stakeholders from this area, researchers, students, returnees and media.

After a period of consultation and summing up of all papers made in the targeted countries from the Balkans we are now presenting you the policy paper from Macedonia titled “Transforming “Brain Gain” from a concept to a real gain” where key findings from our research efforts are presented.

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The compendium of policy papers “Return of highly qualified migrants to the western balkans” is available at the web page of Grupa 484 (hyper link na Grupa 484:

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