(a survey of the general public and qualitative interviews with stakeholders)

The Evaluation and Impact Assessment of the Macedonia – wide anti-trafficking information and awareness raising campaigns “Don’t Close Your Eyes to Human Trafficking” (Phase 1 and Phase 2) implemented by the International Organization for Migration in the period of December 2005 until the end of October 2006 aims at measuring the impact in awareness raising about the risks of human trafficking and ways of preventing it, while simultaneously evaluating the results in dispelling misperceptions of the problem and stereotypes of the victims of human trafficking.

The main activities of this effort will be targeted at evaluation and assessment of the impact and results of the campaign “Counter Trafficking: Prevention and Capacity Building Activities in Kosovo and Macedonia”.

The CRPM team through:

  1. survey of the general public and
  2. fieldwork and interviews among the target audience (youth, students, teachers, parents, NGOs, social workers and other representatives of the relevant institutions and organizations)

will find out whether the different tools used in the campaign reached the target audience, changed their misperceptions of the problem and whether the level of awareness is raised of the potential victims of trafficking.