Summary of the survey results concerning sport betting in macedonia

In the Republic of Macedonia 37% of the citizens place bets at the bookmakers specialized in sport events; 61% of the male population and 8% of the females- these are the results of the survey made by the Center for Research and Policy Making based on a representative sample during the month of June. Some other interesting results from the survey are the following:

  • Betting is wide spread among the young population. Almost half of the citizens younger than 25 place bets at the bookmakers specialized in sports (48%), similar are the numbers for those aged 26 till 40 years of age (49%). The older generations bet less, (30%) of those aged between 41 and 50, 20% of those aged 51 till 60 and only 10 percent of those aged 60 and above.
  • A great number of young men bet, 72% of those until the age of 25, and 71% of those aged 26 till 40. The older men still bet a lot, 56% of those aged 41 and 50 години, 31% of those aged 51-60 години, and 26% of those older than 60.
  • Young women bellow 25 years bet most among the female population (15%)
  • Almost every second Albanian places bets (49%), while the percentage is smaller of the Macedonians (33%) Turks (32%) Serbs (25%) and the others (20%)
  • There is not a big difference in the levels of betting among those with higher education (37%) and those with primary (37%) secondary (38%) and those with no formal education (29%).
  • About 80% of men without education bet, 64% with primary, 61% with secondary and 55% with higher education. Among women, those with higher education bet most, 12%, those with secondary 9%, with primary 5%, with no formal education 3%
  • Among the towns in Macedonia, citizens place bets at bookmakers specializing in sport events in Delchevo 63%, Resen 46%, Kochani 45%, Strumica 43%, Tetovo 42%, Kavadarci 40%, Skopje 40%, Prilep 39%, Struga 39%, Ohrid 38%, Kratovo 38%, Kumanovo 33%, Debar 33%, Bital 30%, Gostivar 29%.