Discussing the SMART Balkans project on MTV

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On 19.12.23, Marija Risteska, the CRPM directress, and Bojana Krstevska, the SMART Balkans grants officer, were part of the morning show of the Macedonian National Television.

During the interview, Risteska emphasized the pivotal role of the regional conference Peace and Prosperity in the Western Balkans as a significant platform for discussions on regional challenges. The event saw active participation from over 80 attendees who seized the opportunity for regional networking.

Insights were provided into the assessments and conclusions drawn from the conference, shedding light on the current state of affairs in the region and articulating the project’s goals. The conversation expanded to cover the range of activities implemented through the SMART Balkans project, with a particular emphasis on the numerous organizations actively involved.

Krstevska shared the numerous opportunities within the project and discussed the various types of grant programs, the funds allocated, and the participation of civic organizations.

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