Second Session for Generation 2020/2021

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Fall Session of School of Public Policy Mother Teresa/CRPM, held November (30.10-1.11, 2020), Hotel Garden, Ohrid,

Preventing and countering violent extremism

The School of Public Policy “Mother Teresa,” as a part of a network of twenty schools political studies organized in cooperation with the Council of Europe, held a weekend session in Ohrid in November (30.10-1.11, 2020), on the topic of Prevention and Countering of Violent Extremism (P/CVE). The session will had six speakers that shared their expertise contributing to the improvement the knowledge of the participants of the School on this topic. Participants of the School are mid-career professionals (25-45 years) from the public and private sectors with advanced knowledge in the field of public policy and readiness to work on improving liberal democracy in Macedonia. The knowledge they acquired at the Seminar will help them improve public policies and better tackle the threat of violent extremism. The School worked on the organization of the event in September and October 2020, including selection of participants, contacting and agreeing upon the speakers, preparing seminar materials and so on. The methodology of the seminar was based on lectures followed by discussions among participants. Specific tasks and roles were to be given to our participants by the lecturers.

The Center for Research and Policy Making (CRPM) was the stakeholder involved in this seminar. Overall, the web site of the Center communicates to the public the activity to the general public, the alumni and the prospective students. The internet news serves as a tool for greater visibility of the School’s activities. The speakers at the Session were: Aleksandar Cekov, M.A, CRPM, Zlatko Jankovski, M.A., Secretariat for European Integration, Goran Momiroski, Anchor, Alfa TV, Rabie W. Sedrak, M.A. Founder of BIIP (Balkan’s Integration & Immigration Program), Samet Shabani, M.A, Horizont The topics covered were: Media and prevention of radicalism, Radicalism in foreign policy as a factor in radicalisation, Countering violent extremism through ideological perspective in the Western Balkans, Detection of radicalism in schools, Counterterrorism and security, Challenges to (re)integration of returnees from foreign battlegrounds, Use of education in countering radicalisation and violent extremism. The event was held in complicated circumstances with a dramatic rise of newly infected covis-19 persons in the country. We respected the government prescribed measures during the event. Lectures and discussions were held live and online.

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