Response to Online Radicalization: Towards On-line Safety Education Policy, 2021

The paper aims to inform that policy debate on the introduction of internet safety education policy. For that purpose, firstly, it presents the problem online radicalization and the factors contributing to the problem, linking it with evidence on how to spread these factors are among high school students from Skopje, Tetovo, Gostivar, Veles, Kumanovo, and Shtip. Secondly, the paper provides a policy analysis of cybersecurity, education, and prevention from the violent-extremism policy framework and how these frameworks respond to the situation, mitigating the vulnerabilities of high school students to be exposed to factors that contribute to the online radicalization phenomena. The policy paper presents the proposed solution to encompass legislative responses, policy response on school level, building capacity and awareness of students, teachers and parents. Finally, the policy paper recommends several tools that can be adapted to the needs of educational organizations and communities to ensure proper internet safety policies that will prevent online radicalization.


Marija Risteska

Available in the following language versions:

  • Response to Online Radicalization: Towards On-line Safety Education Policy
  • Përgjigja ndaj radikalizimit në internet: Drejt politikës së arsimit mbi sigurinë në internet
  • Спречување на онлајн радикализација: Кон образовна политика за онлајн безбедност