Public participation “Government of the people, by the people, for the people”

This paper provides a situation analysis of the legislative framework and the practices of public engagement in decision-making in the central government institutions in Macedonia, also paying special attention to public perception and opinion based on a survey conducted by the Center for Research and Policy Making in September 2015. It will conclude with a set of recommendations about how central level institutions can improve the engagement of the public in 6 policy making processes. This paper is the second of the set of three policy briefs that focus on topics pertinent to important pillars of good governance. It is also a result of the commitment of CRPM in the 2014-16 OGP national action plan to analyze the challenges of public participation in policy making and how they can improve. Consequently, this paper also pays special attention to the OGP-related activities in the country that are relevant for public participation in policy making.


Qëndresa Sulejmani

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  • Public participation “Government of the people