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The Center for Research and Policy Making in the past ten months has been working on the project Unleashing Budget Watchdogs. The aim was to strength the civil control of the national budget, the spending public money. For that purpose the CRPM team built a national network of Budget Watchdogs organizations from various regions of Macedonia. The network members prepared five budgetary analyses focusing on the following issues:

  • Policy and the Budgetary Implications of “Equitable and Appropriate Representation of Communities”,
  • “Men do Sports while Women should cook! Spending public money for gender inequality in sport promotion”,
  • “Analysis of the policy of the Ministry of Health providing free gynaecological exams”,
  • “Linkages between education programs and the labor market demands- 21, 2% of the youth in Macedonia is unemployed”,
  • ” Analysis of the policy for higher inclusion of the Roma population at all levels of the education system”.

CRPM published these analyses in Budget Watchdogs, promoting the book in Skopje and other cities in Macedonia. CRPM team envisions that the “Budget Watchdog” network will continue to work actively monitoring the spending of each denar of the Macedonian citizens.



Pictures from the press conference in hotel Oaza, Shtip, 14.03.2008



Pictures from the press conference 21.03.2008


Budget watchdogs  Download File, Eng

Чувари на јавното ќесе Download File, Mk



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