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The trainings will help the process through explaining the practical use of Guide to Budgets and providing tailored- for- Macedonian audiences examples of the budget preparation and monitoring.

The transparent and participatory budgeting process also requires a certain knowledge and capacity within the representatives in the local self-government units, as well as in the civil society to be able to take part in budget planning and monitoring budget execution. Currently the local level policy makers, citizens and civil society groups do not have sufficient information on the budget process/system in Macedonia.

The second phase of the Macedonian Budget Project aims to strengthen these capacities through trainings of targeted audience in “Strategic Planning and Policy Analysis in the Budgetary process.” Besides lectures and exercises concerning the budgetary process the trainings will therefore focus on raising capacities of the audience in strategic planning/policy analysis.

Strategic planning involves defining objectives and developing strategies to reach those objectives. It may employ methods like SWOT analysis to help clarify objectives and strategies. Strategic planning uses “the big picture” to pursue large scale, long term objectives.

Alternatively put, it is the process of taking inputs (information), organizing and making sense of that information, and producing an output (the plan) that covers a long period of time, and maps out the strategies, goals, and objectives for that period of time, that are expected to keep the organization focused, unified, and likely to succeed in the future, and over a long period of time.

CRPM will use its knowledge of the policy analysis and strategic planning process and its experience in trainings to enhance the knowledge of the target audience in these fields. To efficiently plan and afterwards use public resources every institution, local self-government unit or a civil society organization should have a strategic plan. The inter relation between the two processes: strategic planning and budgeting is evident.

CRPM delivered altogether seven trainings throughout the county with more than 140 participants.


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