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The Center for Research and Policy Making and PASOS (Policy Association for an Open Society) are inviting you to the Conference: Open Government, Deeper Democracy which will be held on 9th of November,  Hotel Continental – Skopje. : 08:40.

The conference will be organised in association with the annual international think-tanks’ conference of PASOS – Policy Association for an Open Society. Conference agenda is available here:

Leading think-tanks will co-operate to explain and influence national and international policies, including EU policies, on a range of issues facing the Western Balkans and other transition regions, while building on EU new member-states’ experience of democratic transition and EU integration to debate transition know-how with think-tanks from EU’s neighbouring regions.

Principal conference themes

• Forging a New Impetus towards Open Government – assessment of the goals and potential impact of the Open Government Partnership, and scope for monitoring implementation of OGP plans at the national level

• Mobility and Integration of Migrants through Participatory Policymaking – national and regional (including EU) strategies to foster social inclusion and mobility, and policies towards minorities, migration, asylum-seekers.

• Reform of Regional Co-operation Structures with an Enhanced Role for Non-State Actors

– Western Balkans and Turkey

– Central Asia and South Caucasus

– Eastern Europe (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova)

• Prospects for European Integration and Regional Integration – building on new member states’ transition know-how to address shortfalls in progress reports on Western Balkans countries, and assessing regional co-operation structures and the role of the EU, international institutions, and non-state actors in the Western Balkans, the Black sea region, and Central Asia


• independent think-tanks from Western Balkans and Turkey, EU member-states, Central Asia and South Caucasus, Eastern Europe (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova)

• policymakers and government officials from Western Balkans, EU, international institutions

• media from Western Balkans

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