Short description of the project

Donor: Open Society Foundation Macedonia

Implemented by: Platform of CSO for fight against corruption

Lead partner: IDSCS
project partner: Center for Research and Policy Making

Duration: April 2021 – January 2022

Overall objective: Reducing corruption in health and life
environment by building a partnership between the civil society sector and
Specific objective 1: The platform identifies the risks of
corruption and works to advance policies in the areas
environment and health
Specific objective 2: The platform works in partnership with
institutions in embedding an anti-corruption approach in
sectoral planning for reforms in the areas of life
environment and health
Specific objective 3: The platform actively provides support and knowledge
on civic networks and platforms working in the field of life
environment and health
Specific objective : Increase the capacity of the Platform of
anti-corruption CSOs for advocacy and
policy making