Migration is an important issue for the socio-economic development of many countries, including Macedonia. Regardless of the general perception, migration has both positive and negative consequences and if properly managed could have beneficial impact on the migrant, as well as on the society. On the one hand, migration is highly beneficial to the source country as, frequently foreign currency remittances by immigrants exceed the levels of foreign investments, (as it is the case of Macedonia), whereas on the other hand, it entails high costs due to the loss of human capital and “brain-drain”. The CRPM team provides relevant expertise and analyses in terms of the push and pulls factors for the migration process in Macedonia and in the Balkan region as well as on the absorption capacities of our countries in accepting migrants from third countries. Our indexes and products are recognized by the relevant national bodies as documents that play crucial role in the development of the national policies, providing essential data and information in several aspects of the migration phenomena including factors, economic opportunities, security challenges, integration prospects and barriers and compliance of national policies with EU’s acquis communautaire.