KEY takeaways from the webinar “Quest for feminist post- COVID-19 recovery”

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The key takeaways from the webinar entitled “Quest for feminist post- COVID-19 recovery“ at which we gathered more than 80 participants:

➡ WB countries and Republic and Moldova need to take the EU GAP III seriously in their accession progress;
➡ We need more support for women entrepreneurs need, digital platforms and networking in order to have better access to finances, gender criteria for the budget support and recovery packages delivered by EU as a requirement for approving them and etc.;
➡ A new social contract is more than needed, based on feminism, social justice and ecology on global level as a post- COVID-19 response;
➡ More public money should be redirected in the care sector for personnel, better working conditions, minimum income for those in need, children care and preventing domestic violence;
➡ Focus on improving the measures, instead of monitoring.

Supported by: ADA – Austrian Development Agency & SIDA – Styrelsen för Internationellt Utvecklingssamarbete


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