Institutional Accountability in Macedonia – Between Commitments and Results!

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1 Introduction

Central and local level institutionalaccountabilityis considered to be one of the key elements in the functioning and development of the modern democratic society. As such, one of the first goals of the academic community is defining the concept itself in order to have a clear explanation for its meaning and the practical use in the society and the country as well. However, as is often the case with concepts in the context of social and political science,accountability belongs to the group of so called “amorphous” concepts that get the form depending on the who is analyzing it, for what needs and purposes. What can be taken as a common denominator of all the different interpretations of the concept is thataccountability appears as a need for assessment of relations between theholders of public functions or the public institutional bodies and the completion of their tasks, the functions and the competences that are subject to oversight…


Policy Brief N.37, December 2015

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