Insights from the 2023 World Forum for Democracy

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The Macedonian delegation from the CRPM School of Public Policy, Mother Teresa, and representatives of the Gender Budget Watchdog Network participated in the World Forum for Democracy under the Council of Europe, contributing to discussions centered around the theme of “Democracy = Peace?”.

During the first day, the focus was on reflecting upon the profound global impact of violence and its economic consequences. We engaged in dialogues concerning the promotion of democracy in our daily routines, encompassing areas such as education, the workplace, civic engagement, and sports. It is imperative for the values of democracy and the institutions that support them to closely align with the real-life experiences and aspirations of the citizens who cherish them. When democracy and peace are seen as ongoing processes or a way of life, it is undoubtedly necessary to cultivate the knowledge, skills, and competencies required to uphold these ideals.

On the second day of the World Forum for Democracy, Marija Risteska, the regional director of the Gender Budget Watchdog Network, introduced our network at LAB 10: Transparency and Accountability as an initiative committed to holding governments accountable for gender-related budget expenditures. Our Network was chosen to compete for the Democracy Innovation Award! The Macedonian delegation from the CRPM School of Public Policy, along with representatives from Mother Teresa, paid a visit to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) and had a meeting with Jovan Ilievski, a judge elected to represent Macedonia.

On the third and final day of the Forum, we attended the closing remarks delivered by the forum rapporteurs, who underscored the significance of citizenship, education, a gender-sensitive historical approach, and youth participation.

We are pleased that the Forum highlighted and encouraged innovations in democracy at the grassroots level and their integration into systemic practices to strengthen the foundations of democratic societies. It also actively empowered young people to participate in the forum discussions.

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