Employment Programmes, or Active Labour Market Measures(ALLMs) can take a number of forms. The current National Action Plan for Employment of the Government of Macedonia includes numerous ALLMs, though international experience suggests that the purpose an effectiveness of these different programmes varies quite substantially. In evaluating each type of measure it is important to do so against a clear view as to its purpose, and also in light of the extensive international literature on evaluation in relation to each type of programme. Though the economy of Macedonia has a number of specific features, in particular the size of the ‘grey economy’, it seems likely that in general terms the lessons of international experience will have relevance in the Macedonian context. CRPM underwent an evaluation on the behalf of the UNDP on these four components of the current ALLMs:

  • Public works
  • Wage subsidies
  • Subsidies to education and training
  • Special measures for the most marginalized groups.