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Session of School of Public Policy Mother Teresa

Ohrid, May 27th-29th, 2016, Hotel Metropol


This session of the School was organized amidst a great political crisis going on in Macedonia. The relations between the government and the opposition were very tense, while protests against and in favor of the government were going on almost daily around the country. Elections were supposed to take place on 5th of June but were canceled after a boycott of the opposition parties and international pressure. In such a fragile situation we have discussed various important issues concerning the crisis and the possible scenarios for the future of Macedonia and outcomes of the current imbroglio. In this session we have used as lecturers/discussants some of our best alumni who have deep knowledge of the political scene in the country and of the Europeanization process in the Western Balkans. Despite the fact that we had participants and lecturers from across the political spectrum, members of the government, opposition, protesters and so on, the atmosphere was cordial and friendly with a lot of constructive debates and discussions. Overall, the knowledge accumulated this weekend aided the process of reconciliation among the conflicting parties to the extent that our students influenced the people around them. This session was organized at the end of May, 2016, in Ohrid.


List of lectures and discussions


1.      Zlatko Jankovski, alumnus 2014, Vice head of Sector for strategic planning and support of negotiations, Secretariat for European Affairs, The impact of the crisis on the European integration and possible exit scenarios (Влијанието на кризата врз европски интеграции и можни сценарија)


2.      Prof. Katerina Veljanovska Blazevska, alumnae 2014, Ph.D. Vice-rector for science at MIT University, Peace keeping or peace building: the Case of Macedonia (Одржување на мир или градење на мир: Случај на Македонија)


3.      Ivan Denkovski, alumnus 2013, software engineer and opinion journalist, France 1968, Macedonia 2014: similarities and differences (Франција 1968 и Македонија 2014: сличности и разлики)


4.      Zdravko Veljanov, M.A, European Studies at Europa-Universität Flensburg and University of Southern Denmark, CRPM, Ghettoizationof the Macedonian parties (Гетоизација на македонските политички партии)


5.      Ivan Stefanovski, alumnus 2013, PhD candidate, Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa University, Civic resistance and protest movements:  focus on Протестирам/I protest movement and Macedonia (Граѓаните за Македонија и за Протестирам)


6.      Iskra Koroveshovska, alumnae 2015, Dnevnik newspaper, Ilija Nikolovski, alumnus 2015, Kanal 5 TV, The influence of the media/reporting in crises: focus on Macedonia лијанието на медиумите/известувањето во време на кризни ситуации-со фокус на Македонија)


7.      Social Event: Quiz



3. Selection of Pictures from the Session


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