Crpm training in strategic planning, explanation of the sessions (key words)

  • Introduction to the training and of the participants, understanding the expectations of the participants, establishing the rules of the game, the working hours and the etiquette in the classroom.
  • Defining strategic planning, how strategic plans are made in Macedonia, introduction to analysis, why do we need analysis before we make action plans, how do we make the analysis, necessary preconditions and assumptions for analysis.
  • Work in groups, analysis of a given action program, presentation of the work done.
  • What are action plans, definitions, action plans as tactic, the content of action plans, resources needed, what to be careful about, need to have consultations, key questions for making action plans, examples discussed.
  • Work in groups, preparation of a given action plan, presentation of the work done.
  • About performance indicators, definition, input, checking the quality of implemented programs, kinds of performance indicators, characteristics, advantages/disadvantages using them, how to define them well, examples discussed.
  • What is monitoring of the implementation of the programs/strategies/ projects/ policies/laws/etc, focus on the process, good to check the status and the mistakes in the implementation early on, data gathering, who is responsible for the monitoring.
  • About evaluation of programs implemented, definition, who is to perform the evaluation, on the pluses and minuses of having an external evaluator, comparison between monitoring and evaluation, the aim of evaluations, methods used, examples discussed.
  • Work in groups, defining performance indicators for the given action plan, presentation of the work done.