CRPM at the GTIPA Summit in Seoul, Korea

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In times when the very idea of globalization is challenged, we gather to reinforce the need of cooperation, exchange of ideas and joint advocacy to put innovation on the policy agenda of our governments and the world!
We are proud to inform you that CRPM is becoming a member of the Global Trade and Innovation Policy Alliance, a network of over 50 world’s leading think tanks.
At the GTIPA Summit in Seoul, Korea CRPM was represented by the President, Daskalovski Zhidas, whereas presentation on innovative and equitable methods of public finance redistribution was made by CRPM ED and regional director of the Gender Budget Watchdog Network, Marija Risteska.

CRPM President Zhidas Daskalovski spoke on the topic of Strengthening Economic and Trade Linkages Between Macedonia and Korea.
Prof. Dr. Daskalovski noted that Macedonia and the Republic of Korea have minimal exchange of goods and services. Part of the reasons are the slow establishment of diplomatic relations between the two states, which finally resolved in 2019.
With one big Korean investment in Macedonia materializing in 2021, opportunities for strategic involvement of Seoul and hence deepening of ties with Skopje and the wider Balkans could develop.
Areas where this can be done, according to CRPM is the green economy and AI, as possibilities for growth in both sectors are evident.

“Gendered innovations respond to the different needs of women and men as well as create new market opportunities. It took us 50 years since the seat belt was developed for the first time to apply gender approach in testing to address the burning issue of women, especially pregnant women, and children who suffer more from car injuries. Gender responsive budgeting in distribution of public finances aiming to support smart specialization and innovation is necessary to overcome the gender bias in the very processes that creates our future. “

– said Marija Risteska, CRPM Executive director and Regional Director of Gender Budget Watchdog Network (tag) on the GTIPA Summit in Seoul, Korea. Dr. Risteska spoke on the panel Industrial & Innovation Policies at a Crossroads, together with panelists from Australia, Sweden and India.

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