Policy research impact is about identifying the influences of research findings “on policy, managerial and professional practices, social behavior or public discourse. Such impact may be instrumental, influencing changes in policy, practices and behavior, or conceptual, changing people’s knowledge, understanding and attitudes towards social issues” (Davies, H., S. Nutley and I. Walter, 2005). CRPM tries not only to make first class analysis but also to influence policy making and induce changes where necessary. To do so we rely much on the same strategies think tanks around the world use such as, holding public forums and conferences to discuss various policy issues; publishing, opinion pieces, enhancing media exposure, holding informal meetings with key policy makers. Often much of the CRPM impact is dependent on intangible processes and context dependent. At the end what matters most is if the policy research and advocacy actually succeeds in bringing changes. CRPM’s policy efforts do. We are proud to report that since its founding CRPM outperformed all the other Macedonian policy research institutes in influencing policy changes.
List of laws changed as a result of CRPM policy research and advocacy work:
  • Law on higher education – nostrification of foreign diploma system changed with diploma recognition system
  • Law on pension and disability insurance – decrease of the administrative fees charged by private pension funds
  • Law on the national air carrier – monopoly position of MAT cancelled; open sky agreement signed
  • Law on fortune games – changed licensing policy for sport betting houses


Policy models adopted as a result of CRPM policy research and advocacy work:
  • New system of home care service provision on community level for elderly and feeble people
  • New communication system for pension insurance – the orange envelop
  • Gender participation models for local policy making and budgeting


Policy products as a result of CRPM policy work:
  • Strategy for gender equality of city of Skopje
  • Strategy against proxy and family voting
  • Ex-post policy evaluation methodology; Manual and generic training
  • Policy development methodology; Manual and generic training
  • Situation analysis Manual
  • National civil servant training system


EU policies towards Macedonia changed as a result of CRPM policy and advocacy work:
  • Diagonal cumulation of EU rules of origin – subregional diagonal cumulation system of rules of origin established between EU and Croatia, Macedonia and Turkey
  • Visa free travel policy – adoption of the road map model for facilitating reforms in Western Balkans
  • Method for preparation and consultation of the annual progress report of the European commission