Breaking circular economy barriers – GO CIRCULAR

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A member from the CRPM team, Dr. Nikolovska, attended the conference “Breaking circular economy barriers- GO CIRCULAR” which took place in Skopje! The conference was a keystone for initiating discussions and exchange of ideas on circular economy between many national and international experts including local and regional stakeholders.

Multiples forums and Q&A sessions initiated inspiring discussions! The key take outs from this learning experience are:

  • Linear economy and linear consumption has reached its limits!
  • Urgent need to shift from linear to circular economy!
  • Smart change of product life cycle, product designs, building new circular business models!
  • New technologies for waste treatments and waste conversion into resource!
  • Organizational and social change to enable circularity!
  • New policies and systemic changes to support circularity as a paradigm for the future!

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