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“Smart Start – Sustaining Civil Society Impact Through Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Turkey”

CONTRACT No: 2015/369-433


Terms of Reference




The planned work of proposed Assessor for Evaluation of Applications is related to the implementation of the Europe Aid/150147/DH/ACT/PRAREG project No: 2015/369-433 ”Smart Start – Sustaining Civil Society Impact Through Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Turkey”.

The objective of the presented ToR is to describe in more detailed way the activities and specific tasks, expected outputs, performance indicators and evaluation procedures for the work of the Project Officer in the framework of the respective action/project.

In a nutshell, the objectives of the action are to:


  • Strengthen long term financial sustainability and impact of 50 selected CSOs through start up financial support and socially and environmentally responsible use of self-financing strategies, social innovations and social enterprise;
  • To improve the social enterprise – friendly environment through networking of CSOs and other stakeholders and conducting advocacy campaigns.
  • To promote CSOs entrepreneurship and to encourage replication throughout the civil society sector in the region by the sharing of information, lessons learned and by promotion of good practices in CSO self-financing and social enterprise.



Explanation, tasks and expected outputs


The project consortium partners have published Call for applications as a first phase in selection of 20 CSOs which will receive tailor made capacity building support aimed at development of skills needed for developing social entrepreneurship of CSOs. Financial support will be used as start-up funds for selected CSOs, and eligible costs will be related to purchase of needed equipment, services, education of staff, material etc. In order to implement the first phase, two external assessors for evaluation of applications are required.

On the call for applications in Macedonia 51 organizations expressed interest, 41 submitted applications of which 33 were found eligible (complying with the technical criteria of the call). The specific tasks of the selected evaluators and expected outputs of the two external assessors for evaluation of applications will be as follows:



Specific tasks

Expected outputs Deadline
To become a member of the evaluation committee and participate in at least two meetings of the evaluation committee Submit evaluation meetings report Meeting 08.07.2016Report 09.07.2016Meeting 26.07.2016Report 27.07.2016
Detailed familiarization with the project aims, goals and activities Well-informed and knowledgeable with all project parameters; 9-10.07.2016
Detailed familiarization with the  application package, evaluation criteria and registering grades and comments; Well-informed and knowledgeable with all evaluation parameters; 9-10.07.2016
Evaluation performed on all 34 applications in accordance with the guidelines and criteria Professional, relevant and timely evaluation of submitted applications; 10-20.07.2016
Send evaluation detailed report and sheets to Project officer Professional and timely notification on the results of evaluation submitted to the Project Officer; 22.07.2016
Active participation in the  Evaluation committee Professional and evidence based argumentation on the made decisions; 26.07.2016
Available for update and report at any time during regular working hours Professional, relevant and timely responsiveness 26-30.07.2016



Required profile for the Assessor for Evaluation of Applications


Performing planned work requires experience in:


– NGO experience as project coordinator and implementer or business management experience for at least 5 years;

–  Experience in evaluation project applications for at least 1 year;

–  Experience in evaluating business plans or business analysis will be considered a plus;

– Knowledge of local and regional legal context, actual situation and setup regarding social entrepreneurship will be considered a plus;

– Skills and experience in networking and building capacities of local and national stakeholders will be considered a plus;


Scope of the work


The scope of the work will be two weeks engagement in July, 2016.



Performance indicators


The indicators of performance are the following:


  • Impartiality in the selection process;
  • Adhere to the evaluation criteria and guidelines;
  • Quality and professional selection of the best submitted applications;
  • Timely reporting and submission of the results;
  • Input and argumentation during the meeting(s) of the Evaluation Committee; 





The performance of the short term experts will be assessed by Project Manager.





Тhe honorarium rate will be calculated based on a special formula.





Applications consisted of CV and cover letter should be sent to no later than Wednesday 06.07.2016.


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