The goal of the project is to improve and increase in quality of the process of employee representation within organizational assimilation and the efficient use of the EWC instrument by industrial relations stakeholders, through trainings, transfers of competences and best-practices visits. Namely, through its activities it contributes to the transfer of knowledge and information necessary to ensure a transnational mechanism for increasing the quality of the representation process within multinational companies through the EWC instrument.

In order to reach the goal, the project partners will implement the following activities:

  • Project coordination – will put the focus on creating overall strategy, approach and timeframe of the project. The partners will discuss the research methodology and the scope of information that should be presented in the documents.
  • Research – this activity aims to identify the level of knowledge and awareness regarding the EWC of the social partners and stakeholders involved in the process. Additionally, the activity aims to analyse the manner in which the EWC Directive has been transposed into the national legislation.
  • Study Visit – by visiting an EU Member State with a longer tradition in stable industrial relations, participants in the study visit will have the opportunity to benefit from practical information and advices regarding the integration of EWC into company life.
  • National Assessment Report – based on the research activities, analysis of the EU and national legislation, findings and the lessons learned from the study visit each partner will produce National report which will be available on the websites of the project partners.
  • Executive Summary – using the National reports, the leading partner will synthesize the most significant information learned in each country, elaborated in the Comparative executive summary.
  • Training – with the help of information learned through the research and the study visit, training sessions will be implemented with the aim to increase the knowledge and awareness of trade union leaders with regards to the EWC.
  • Employee Guide to EWCs – the main output will be the Employee guides, addressed to the employees of the multinational companies in each country. It will contain practical information about EWCs.
  • Final conference – will reunite the project participants from all partner countries as well as relevant industrial relations stakeholders, civil society representatives, public administration representatives, members of the press etc. Each partner organization will present their results and conclusion from the project. The conference will result in a common declaration, signed by all participating trade unions, which will be disseminated to all interested stakeholders within the European industrial relations system.