[Publication] GTIPA Perspectives: Clean/Renewable Energy and Sustainability Innovations

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The Global Trade and Innovation Policy Alliance (GTIPA) represents a global network of over 50 independent, like-minded think tanks from over 30 countries throughout the world who believe trade, globalization, and innovation—conducted on market-led, rules-based terms—can maximize welfare for the world’s citizens. The Alliance exists to collectively amplify members’ voices and enhance their impact on trade, globalization, and innovation policy issues while introducing new scholarship into the world on these subjects.

Among their shared principles, GTIPA members are committed to approaching globalization and trade through an innovation-based perspective. This perspective recognizes the immense potential of innovation in improving existing processes, products, services, and business models, and its role in expanding economies and promoting sustainable development. Applied to clean technologies (“cleantech”), innovation holds the promise of not only achieving economic and developmental goals, but also making progress toward international climate goals. Thus, cleantech innovations are of the utmost importance for international economies and for the planet.

The GTIPA recognizes the role of clean energy and sustainability innovations in producing solutions to some of the most challenging effects of climate change. This report provides GTIPA members’ perspectives on some of the most exciting, innovative clean energy technologies in their countries. The included briefs demonstrate how governments and private entities are fostering transformative innovations in both what is typically thought of as part of the clean energy sector—hydro, wind, solar, and nuclear power—and in seemingly unrelated industries like microbreweries and the production of everyday household products.

This volume compiles vignettes from sixteen countries and one region: Australia, Austria, Bangladesh, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, North Macedonia, Panama, the Philippines, Poland, Taiwan, and the United States, including the San Francisco Bay Area.

GTIPA Perspectives: Clean/Renewable Energy and Sustainability Innovations

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