We conducted 19 in-depth interviews with representatives of the Organization of Employers of Macedonia, the ICT Chamber of Commerce (MASIT), the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, the International Labour Organization in Macedonia, and interviews with private companies from different economic sectors in the Republic of Macedonia.

Meeting with Emil Krstanovski – national coordinator for Macedonia at the International Labour Organization

The conducted interviews helped us obtain greater detail about the practical application of the legal provisions, the degree of flexibility provided by the Law on Labour Relations, and the challenges which employers will face in the future considering the fact that skilled labour force is increasingly leaving the country in search for better opportunities, and because the demands and needs of workers and employers are rapidly changing with the development of technology over the years.

Most of the private companies we interviewed on these topics are from the ICT industry, because this industry needs more flexible forms of work and better legislative provisions especially concerning regulations for work outside the employer’s premises (work from home / remote work).