Individual Lectures and Debates

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Period: January 2012 – May 2015




1.   Lecture: “Nationalism as an ideology”

Guest speaker: Artan Sadiku, analyst in the Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities –


2.   Lecture: “The political situation in the Balkans and the EU Enlargement process”

Guest speaker: Kristof Bender, Deputy Chairman at the European Stability Initiative (ESI), Austria

3.   Lecture: “Strategy for Integrated Education”

Guest speaker: Harald Schenker, consultant

4.   Lecture: “The influence of politics on our everyday life”

Guest speaker: Aleksandar Rusjakov, columnist

5. Lecture: “The lobbing of the United Macedonian Diaspora for the recognition of
Macedonia under its constitutional name”

Guest speaker: Metodija. A. Koloski, President of the United Macedonian Diaspora.

6.   Lecture: “Democracy in a Multi-Ethnic Society“

Guest speaker: Naim Rashiti (Pristina, Kosovo), Balkans Analyst at International Crisis

7.   Lecture: “Decentralization and the delivery of primary and secondary education”

Guest speaker: Aisling Lyon, Dept. of Peace Studies, University of Bradford, UK

8.   Lecture: “Skopje 2014”

Guest speaker: Dr.Goran Janev, Institute for Sociological, Political and Juridical Research

9.   Lecture: “The political situation in the Balkans”

Guest speaker: Alexandre Lévy, France (journalist – Courrier International /Presseurop/ Le Monde)

10. Lecture: “How to act against ACTA”

Guest speaker: Konstantin Pavlov – Komitata, Bulgaria (Blogger/ analyst/ columnist)

11. Lecture: “Public policy in environment and energetics”

Guest speaker: Dr. Stefan Buzarovski (University of Birmingham, UK)

12. Lecture: “How the Government Could Be More Involved in Non-Governmental

Guest speaker: Cassidy Henry, Fulbright Researcher (Florida Atlantic University Honors

13. Lecture: “non-discrimination”

Guest speaker: Stefano Sgobba, Italy (EU Delegation)

14. Lecture: ”The crisis in the EU and the enlargement of the Western Balkan”

Guest speaker: Dr. Dimitar Bechev, Senior Policy Fellow and Head of ECFR’s office in
Sofia, Bulgaria

15. Lecture: “The role of the government institutions, NGO sector and media in the protection of the environment”

Guest speaker: Kiril D. Hristovski, Ph.D., Professor of Environmental Technology
Management, Arizona State University, USA.

16. Lecture: “Which public policies work best to tame the financial and economic crisis today”

Guest speaker: Mr. Mark Venezia, Head of Global Fixed Income Department (Eaton
Vance Investment Managers), Boston, USA.

17. Lecture: “Microeconomics and public policy, especially with regard to issues in poverty and inclusion, from both a global and European perspective”

Guest speaker: Dr. Kenneth Simler, Senior Economist of the World Bank, Washington, USA.

18. Lecture: “Arab Spring and Gender”

Guest speakers: GihanAbouZeid and Sally Roshdy from the NGO “One world” in Egypt.

19. Lecture: “The economic situation and the EU perspective in Macedonia”

Speaker: Michael Neumayr ,journalist from Graz, Austria covering the Balkans

20. Lecture: “The Erased” (“The Erased” is the name used in the media, for a group of people in
Slovenia that remained without a legal status after the declaration of the country’s independence in

Guest speaker: Dr. Neža Kogovšek Šalamon, Director of the Peace Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia

21. Lecture: “Military diplomacy”

Guest speaker: General Ilija Nikolovski (Ret.)

22. Lecture: “Citizen participation in Europe”

Guest speaker: BiljanaZashova, ALDA – Association of Local Democracy Agencies

23. Lecture:“Gender sensitive culture in the media”

Guest speaker: RisteZmejkoski, Research Analyst at CRPM

24. Lecture: “The New Leadership of the Chinese Communist Party: Challenges Ahead” and “China’s
Development – Distinction between Urban and Rural Development”.

Guest speakers: Anastas Vangeli (MA, Central European University, Budapest). He is currently a graduate student at the School of International Studies, Renmin University of China, Beijing and Spire Arsov (Msc, China Agriculture University, Beijing)

25. Lecture: “The Regime Change in Iraq” and “The connection between the folklore and politics”

Guest speakers: Dr. Amira Al Bildawi (Um – Alyateem Foundation), Iraq. and Prof. Dr. IlinaJakimovska
(Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology).

26. Lecture: “Protection of the Balkan lynx” and “Lobbying methods”.

Guest speakers: Dime Melovski (Project coordinator at MED) and Metodija. A. Koloski (President of the United Macedonian Diaspora)

27. Lecture: “Dress code for politicians”.

Guest speaker: Nebojsa Toleski (fashion journalist and designer)

28. Lecture: “The use of the Macedonian language in the Public Policy (compared with the use of the
French language)”

Guest speakers:  Jovan Kostov, PhD Candidate (INALCO Paris) and Prof. Dr. Elka Jaceva – Ulcar
(Institute for Macedonian language “Krste Misirkov”).

29. Lecture: “Proactive career building”

Guest speaker: M-r Nikolina Staleska (OSCE)

30. Lecture: “Skopje 2017 – meditating on the topic”.

Guest speaker: Aleksandar “Aco” Stankovski – Rembrant

31. Lecture: “History, ethnography, social anthropology and public policy”.

Guest speaker: Prof. Dr. Keith Brown, USA

32. Lecture: “The foreign policy of Greece towards Ottoman Macedonia”

Guest speaker: Dimitar Ljorovski, PhD

33. Lecture:”Analysis of the local election results in 2013″

Guest speaker: m-r Ivica Bocevski.

34. Lecture: “The local elections, the Municipality of Centar and the future of the political scene in
Republic of Macedonia”.

Guest speaker: Olivera Trajkovska (journalist).

35. Lecture: “Activities of the Forum of women of DOM”

Guest speaker:  Maja Morachanin (President of Forum of women and member of the Executive board of DOM-Democratic Reform Macedonia).

36. Lecture: “Art and Public Policy”

Guest Speaker: m-r BlagojceNaumoski – Bane (Teaching assistant at the European University, Skopje).

37. Lectures: “The story in reality vs. the story in the literature” and “How to get EU funds?”

Guest Speakers: M-r Zarko Kujundziski (writer) and Dr. Risto Karajkov (Director at Development
Solutions – DeSo).

37. Lecture: “RECOM initiative – perspectives and challenges”

Guest Speaker:  Prof. Dr. Biljana Vankovska

38. Lecture: “Regional development”

Guest Speaker: m-r Monika Petrushevska (Ministry for Local Self Government)

39. Lectures: “Is the Nimitz mediation wasted?” and “The name issue in a comparative perspective”

Guest speakers: Ambassador Risto Nikovski and Prof. Dr. Carlos Flores Juberías (professor of Comparative Constitutional Law at the University of Valencia Law School/ Honorary Consul of Macedonia in the region of Valencia).

40. Lecture: “Political Psychology in the countries in transition”

Guest speaker: Adelina Marku (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

41. Lecture:  “Strategic planning and chess experiences”

Guest speaker: Aleksandar Colovic (chess grandmaster)

42. Lectures: “Was there Macedonian rebellion before 11.10.1941” and “Macedonia between 2nd
August 1944 – December 1944”

Guest speaker: Prof. Dr. Todor Cepreganov

43. Lecture: “Public Policy: Local vs. Central Government”

Guest speaker: Tanja Tomic, MP

44. Lectures: “Measuring the effectiveness of EU state-building in the Western Balkans through the
lens of Public Administration Reforms” and „Where the region is going in the next decade, the role of the EU and what policy makers in the region can and should do„

Guest speakers: Ervin Kallfa (PhD Candidate – City University of New York, New York) and Besa
Shahini (senior analyst at ESI – European Stability Initiative)

45. Lecture: “Workers’ rights and the situation in Macedonia”

Guest speaker: Doc. Dr. Zdravko Saveski (FON University)            

46. Lecture: “Public Health Policy”

Guest speaker:  D-r Vladimir Lazarevik (Founder and CEO at

47. Lecture: “Frames and reforms”

Guest speaker:  Prof. d-r Branislav Sarkanjac

48. Lecture: “Public policy in practice experiences and lessons learned”

Guest speaker:  Tome Bukleski – Makjuli (President of Presidency of the Socialist Republic of Macedonia)

49. Lecture: “Historical dilemmas and options for the future”

Guest speaker:  Prof. Dr. Stefan Vlahov – Micov (Institute of National History)

50. Lecture: “Global business – is it possible to do it from Macedonia?”

Guest speaker:  Kosta Petrov, Founder and Chief Experience Officer at the “P World”

51. Lecture: “Experiences from Mont Everest”

Guest speaker: Ilina Arsova

52. Lecture: “Ohrid Framework Agreement – should it be revised?”

Guest speaker: Prof. Dr. Toni Naunovski (MIT University)

53. Lecture: “Employment opportunities for disabled persons”

Guest speakers: Elena Kocoska and Tomislav Ortakovski (POLIO PLUS)

54. Lecture: “The Macedonian immigration in the USA between the First and Second World War”

Guest speaker:  D-r Irena Avirovic, Institute of National History

55. Lecture: “Presidential campaign and the position of the President of the R. Macedonia according to the Constitution”

Guest speaker:  Prof. Dr.  Ljubomir Frckoski, Faculty of Law, Skopje

56. Lecture: “How can theater and film artists impact on the support of multiculturalism?”

Guest speaker:  Visar Vishka (actor)

57. Lecture: “Memorialization of the past in an intercultural environment, with special emphasis on the culture and policy of remembrance and the phenomenon of glorifying war heroes in post-conflict periods”

Guest speaker:  Albert Hani, Executive Director at Training Center for Management of Conflicts

58. Lecture: “Are we losing the National Park Mavrovo? – Real participative democracy or political labyrinth”

Guest speakers:   Aleksandra Bujaroska (Front 21/42), Ana Colovic Lesoska (Eko-svest), Metodija Velevski (Macedonian Ecological Society) and Bardul Marku.

59. Lecture: “Deportation Of Jews From Macedonia As Res Nullius”

Guest speaker: D-r Sofija Grandakovska.

60. Lecture: “Public Prosecution in the state bodies of the Republic of Macedonia and the role of the public prosecutor in the Criminal Procedure Law”

Guest speaker: Marko Zvrlevski, Public Prosecutor of the Republic of Macedonia

61. Lecture: “Experiences from presidential elections campaign in the Republic of Macedonia”

Guest speaker: Prof. D-r Jove Kekenovski

62. Lecture: “Poverty and unemployment in Macedonia: facts, myths and reality”

Guest speaker:  Prof. D-r Maja Gerovska-Mitev, associate professor of the Department of Social Work and Social Politics (Faculty of Philosophy) and independent expert for Macedonia in the Network of independent experts for social inclusion of the European Committee.

63. Lecture:  “Why do we work in the NGO sector?”

Guest speaker: Loreta Georgieva, Executive Director at Macedonian Civic Education Center (MCEC)

64. Lecture: “Election polls and predictions”

Guest speakers: Goran Gerasimovski (Rejting), Zlatko Jankovski (Pavel Shatev) and Gorazd Stojmenovski (IPIS)

65. Lecture: “The situation in the higher education in Macedonia”

Guest speaker: Prof. D-r Ljubomir Drakulevski (Dean, Faculty of Economics, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University, Macedonia)

66. Lecture:  “Security in the diplomacy”

Guest speaker: D-r Viktorija Cavkovska, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

67. Lecture: “Rights of Film workers in Macedonia and the Balkans, watching the documentary film, Who Needs Sleep by Haskell Wexler”

Guest speaker: Ognen Antov, producer

68. Lecture: “Social economy- innovative approach to labour market integration of vulnerable groups”

Guest speaker:  Aferdita Hadzhijaha Imeri, Expert on Social Inclusion

69. Lecture: “The Macedonian minority in Greece: European free alliance – rainbow and the elections for the European parliament”

Guest speaker: Dimitri Joanu, editor of the newspaper “Nova Zora”

70. Lecture: “What type of economic policies for sustainable economic growth are needed in Macedonia? Short versus long term”

Guest speaker: Prof. D-r Marjan Petreski, Vice-Rector for Research, School of Business Economics and Management (University American College – Skopje)

71. Lecture: “The success of Yahya Kemal in Macedonia”

Guest speaker: Emre Aksakal, deputy director ( Yahya Kemal Primary School, Skopje)

72: Lecture: “How to produce effective policy papers”

Guest speaker: Eggert Hardten, European Stability Initiative

73. Lecture: “Analysis of the European Parliament elections (2014) in Greece and the result of Syriza”

Guest speaker: Prof. D-r Spyros Sofos, Center for Middle Eastern Studies, of Lund University, Sweden

74. Lecture: “Can we expect floods and other natural disasters in Macedonia”

Guest speaker: D-r Pece Risteski, Macedonian Hydro meteorological Service.

75. Lecture: “NATO and the new strategic reality in the world”

Guest speaker: Prof. D-r Biljana Vankovska, President of the Program Advisory board of the School of Public Policy |Mother Theresa|.

76. Lecture: “European integration, IPA I and IPA II”

Guest speaker: M-r Maja Lazareska, Head of Department for European Union at the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy.

77. Lecture: “Parliamentary control over the security system in the Republic of Macedonia”

Guest speaker: M-r Esad Rahic, former MP

78. Lecture: “The perspective of the Republic of Macedonia – NATO membership or alternative alliances”

Guest speaker: D-r Blagoja Markovski, President of the Balkan Security Forum

79. Lecture: “The ecological threats for the geopolitical position of South East Europe”

Guest speaker: Toni Ristov, Democratic Renewal of Macedonia (DOM)

80. Lecture: “Strategic concepts of globalization and security implications”

Guest speaker: D-r Goran Zendelovski, Department of Security, Defense and Peace (Faculty of Philosophy – Skopje)

81. Lecture: “Current EU migration policy reform and its impact”

Guest speaker: Zvezda Vankova (Migration Policy Group) and Martina Smilevska (Macedonian Young Lawyers Association)

82. Lecture: “Multiculturalism, nationalism, sovereignty: few critical theses“

Guest speaker: Anastas Vangeli, PhD Candidate and Research Assistant (Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw)

83. Lecture: “Human rights”

Guest speakers: Benjamin Ward (Deputy Director of Human Rights Watch’s Europe and Central Asia Division) and Emina Cerimovic (Koenig Fellow at Human RIghts Watch)

84. Lecture: Higher education reforms in Macedonia

Guest speaker: Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Food, UKIM – Skopje

85.  Lecture:  “The Name is Our Fatherland”

Guest speaker: Prof. D-r Stefan Vlahov-Micov, Institute of National History

86. Lecture:  “Territorial accommodation of minority groups: The case of South Tirol”

Guest speaker:  D-r Marina Andeva

87. Lecture: “Hitchhiker’s Guide through the hatred: Am I Charlie?”

Guest speaker: M-r Tome Sekerdziev, National Rule of Law Officer, OSCE Mission Skopje

88. Lecture: “Social and political movements in Southeast Europe and Turkey”

Guest speaker: Ivan Stefanovski, PhD Candidate, Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa (sede di Firenze)

89. Lecture: “The fight against the global terrorism and the protection of human rights and freedoms”

Guest speaker: M-r Mitko Slaninkoski

90. Lecture: “Creation of the Contemporary Macedonian State”

Guest speaker: Prof. D-r Violeta Ackovska, Faculty of Philosophy, Skopje

91. Lecture: “The position of the Republic of Macedonia within the European Security Integration”

Guest speaker: Doc. D-r Rade Rajkovcevski, Faculty of Security – Skopje

92. Lecture: “Digital Direct Democracy”

Guest speaker: Sasko Krstevski, director at DPTU “KU.COM”

93. Lecture:  “The case “Puch” and the possible ways out of the political crisis”

Guest speaker: Prof. D-r Tanja Karakamisheva, Faculty of Law”Iustinianus Primus” – Skopje

94. Lecture:  “The right to freedom of expression in Europe”

Guest speaker: Sébastien BOTREAU-BONNETERRE, Institutional Cooperation Attaché at the Embassy of France in Macedonia

95. Lecture:  “The current political issues and the possible ways out of the political crisis”

Guest speaker: Aleksandar Pandov, political analyst and former MP

96. Lecture:  “The current political issues in Macedonia and the possible ways out of the political crisis”

Guest speaker: Pavle Trajanov, MP and president of the Democratic Alliance

97. Lecture: “Cadaveric transplantation in Macedonia – mission possible?”

Guest speaker: D-r Vladimir Chadikovski, University Clinic for Pediatric Surgery

98. Lecture: “The need of reforms in the political parties”

Guest speaker: D-r Vladimir Lazarevik, Deputy Minister of Health in the Government of the Republic of Macedonia 2006/2008

99. Lecture: “The role of the Albanian political parties in the resolving of the ongoing political crisis in Macedonia”

Guest speaker: M-r Bashkim Bakiu, Director of Institute for Policy Research and Good Governance

100. Lecture: “The Macedonian political crisis and possible scenarios”

Guest speaker:  Sasho Ordanovski, political analyst

101. Lecture: “The influence of public opinion in the process of the public policy creation”

Guest speaker:  Doc. D-r. Katerina Veljanovska, MIT University, Skopje

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