How to achieve standards in good governance in CSOs

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We open public dialogue on the need to standardise good governance in civil society organizations within a project financed by Civica Mobilitas program of SDC implemented by MCIC NIRAS and SIPU. On the event CRPM’s director Risteska said “we do not need ready made solutions but a standard framework that can be adapted to needs, level of development, and local culture and dynamics of civil society organizations”. MCIC Director Krzalovski stated “good governance is detoriating in CSOs in the last decade we need to continue working on improvement of governance standards”. EUDs Nicola Bertolini discussed the need for donors to reach out to more grassroots organizations and the risk of standardization and professionalization to decrease the chances smaller grassroot organizations to be awarded grants. In the second panel Veronika Vodlan from CNVOS presented the Slovenian experience in standardization whereas Ilina Neshikj from BSCDN presented the Global Standrad for CSO accountability.

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