Call for Applications: Project Manager

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About CRPM

Founded in 2004 under the Macedonian law as a “civic association” (or an NGO) the Center for Research and Policy Making- CRPM engages in policy analysis, seeking to open the policy making process to citizens, improve laws, assess institutional capacities for their implementation, as well as monitor and evaluate how much these policies are creating public value or are directed towards the “Europeanization” of Macedonia. CRPM is dedicated to promote good governance and development in Macedonia on the basis of relevant, evidence based policy research, capacity building and trainings, evaluations, analyses, without regard to and independently of the particular interests of any group of the society, either political, social or economic. CRPM has a portfolio in 8 countries, communicates in four languages and is a growing community of professionals that work on policy impact.

About the position 

We seek to fill the position of Guardian Shield Project Manager (50% working time position)

The Guardian Shield Project builds upon the new national CVE Strategy (2023-2027) and the successful implementation of two prior CRPM projects:

1) “Educate2Prevent (E2P): Strengthening Front-line School Workers and Parents to Build Youth Resilience to Violent Extremism” (2018-2019), funded by the European Union, within the Global STRIVE I Program managed by the Hedayah Center of Excellence for Countering Violent Extremism, and

2) “Passage4Prevent (P4P): use of education to prevent youth online radicalization” (2020-2021), funded by the European Union, always within the STRIVE Global Program managed by Hedayah.

These pioneering projects laid the groundwork in country for capacity building of teachers and front-line workers in schools on detecting signs of radicalization. They also raised awareness about online radicalization risks among students, teachers and parents, and developed relevant training materials.

More on the position: Terms of Reference – Project Manager

CRPM works on sensitive issues with vulnerable target groups. Therefore, the position requires high level of understanding, gender-sensitivity and use of the principle of non-discrimination. Multiculturalism and multicultural policies are pillars of CRPM values as an organization, and are highly respected and nurtured. Any individual applying for this position should share them.


CRPM is an equal opportunity employer and currently applies affirmative action for male candidates.

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