A very reputable Advisory Board of the School comprising highly distinguished individuals representing the academia, the business sector and civil servants guarantees that the participants and the lecturers are of excellent quality, leaders and future leaders of Macedonia. The 2018-2023 Board comprises the director of Center for Research and Policy Making, Ms. Marija Risteska, PhD, advising on public policy analysis, the journalist of TV Sitel Ms. Katerina Neshkova, advising on freedom of speech and media, Kristina Misheva LL.M, PhD, Associate Professor at the Business Law Department at the Faculty of Law at Goce Delchev University, advising on higher education and legal issues,  Naxhi Ismaili Project Officer at the Joint Technical Secretariat of the IPA Cross-Border, Macedonia-Greece, advising in the field of (international) security, law enforcement or judicial sector, and Ivica Bocevski, CRPM’s  Associate Senior Research Fellow and diplomatic advisor. He was a Vice Prime Minister and ambassador of Macedonia to Brasil.