Generation 2019/2020

1. Никола Трајчевски/ Nikola Trajchevski University American College Skopje, MA in Business Law Private Bussiness PSD – KOM GROUP, Prima Protect
2. Ивана Трајковска/Ivana Trajkovska Communication Sciences and Technologies
Faculty of Languages, Cultures and Communication
South East European University, Tetovo
Koha newspaper
3. Зејнепе Ајдаровска/Zeynepe Ajdarovska Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences branch Business Administration-Management and Organization, Selcuk Univeristy Konya, Turkey Institute for Rehabilitation of Children and Youth
4. Рајна Наумовска Марковски/Rajna Naumovska Markovski Law Faculty, FON University Lawyer
5. Оливер Станоески/Oliver Stanoeski PhD, Institute for Security, Defence and Peace Studies, Faculty of Philosophy, UKIM Adviser for administration affairs, Ministry of Interior
6. Марија Андреева/Marija Andreeva PhD Candidate, Master in Political Management, Law Faculty, UKIM Project Officer at Council of Europe Programme Office in Skopje
7. Катерина Климоска/Katerina Klimoska PhD Candidate; Master Degree (LL.M.) in Intellectual Property Law; Faculty of Economics- UKIM Office for Research
Rectorate, Office for Research, UKIM,
8. Иван Денковски/Ivan Denkovski Diplom-Engineer, major in Computer Engineering, Computer Science and Automation, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, UKIM Software Developer,
Armedia Skopje (branch of Armedia LLC, Vienna, VA)
9. Марија Филева/Marija Fileva PhD candidate, Master of Law (LL.M.) │ Business Law, Law Faculty, UKIM  Berlin Process and Cooperation in Southeast Europe Adviser to the Prime Minister of Macedonia
10. Фатма Бајрам Аземовска/Fatma Bajram Azemovska Master of Library and Information Science, Pedagogical Faculty, UKIM National Library Bitola, President of Roma NGO SUMNAL
11. Диоген Хаџи – Коста Милевски/ Diogen Hadzhi Kosta Milevski Master in public administration, University of Kliment Ohridski (UKLO) Teaching assistant, Law Faculty UKLO
12. Стефан Чичевалиев/Stefan Chichevaliev LL.B, LL.M (Business Law), PhD in Business Administration at University American College Executive Director at the Social Entrepreneurship Observatory
13. Златко Јанковски/Zlatko Jankovski B.A. in Political Science, Law Faculty, UKIM Deputy head of Sector for Strategic planning and support of the negotiation process in the Secretariat for European affairs in the Government Macedonia
14. Јован Алтанџиев/Jovan Altandzhiev Master of Law (LL.M.)  Law Faculty, UKIM Adviser, Ministry of Interior
15. Искра Коровешовска/Iskra Koroveshovska PhD Communications Department,  Law Faculty, UKIM Chief Editor in TV Alfa responsible for foreign and domestic politics
16. Вишна Шорова Ангелова/Vishna Shorova Angelova International relations, Southwest University Neofit Rilski, Bulgaria. Associate for international cooperation, Department for Local economic development, Municipality of Shtip
17. Даниел Стојановски/Daniel Stojanovski MBA, University of Sheffild, UK Co-Founder @Transform Digi LTD | Digital Agency for Experts
18. Кристијан Алексоски/Kristijan Aleksoski Master’s degree in Economics from the Heidelberg University Finance Manager, Center for Research and Policy Making
19. Реџеп Исмаил (Хактан)/Recep Ismail (Haktan) Master of Public Policy, Law Faculty, UKIM Executive Board Member, Levica/Left political party, member of the Skopje city council.
20. Николина Јанева/Nikolina Janeva Master of Arts (candidate), UACS Center for Research and Policy Making
21. Самет Шабани/Samet Shabani Master of Arts (candidate) International Burch University, Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences Chief Executive Horizon Civitas – Association for Civic Activism and encouraging Social Responsibility, Skopje (Macedonia)