Guxim Nuhiu

Guxim Nuhiu is working as Project Officer at CRPM on two different projects, Young Man Initiative and Gender Budget Watchdog Network. He holds BA in International Communications at South East European University in Skopje, multidisciplinary degree focused on diplomacy, political science, international organizations, and media.

He has over 8 years of experience in the civil sector with local, regional and international organizations. He has an enormous understanding of women’s and youth rights. He strongly believes that his generation’s fight is to create a society that accepts everybody no matter what their gender, background, ethnicity, or sexual orientation is.

Outside of work he is engaged in different organizations as a volunteer, believing that is the right form to contribute in the society; to do small activities with a big impact that can improve changes for the better.

P.s. His name is an Albanian word that means “courage”.